Throwback Thursdays: 1999 WTB Ti 29" Interbike Display Bike

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Dave Locke's Wilderness Trail Bikes 1999 Ti 29" bike in the same configuration as it was when shown at Interbike in 1999 when WTB first showed the NanoRaptor 2.1 29" tire, the first ever 29" tire.  A special thank you to Nate Woodman of Monkey Wrench Cycles for rounding up the photo.

Yes, this is the very bike that was displayed at Interbike of 1999, proudly showcasing WTB's NanoRaptor 2.1 29" tire, the first 29" mountain bike tire.  Below you can read the fourth draft that Mark Slate wrote to accompany the bike at the 1999 booth - in reading the draft, one can immediately understand that WTB was fully committed to 29":

To see more detail photos, as well as the owner's story of the bike, cruise over to HERE


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