Throwback Thursdays: 1985 Punk Bike Enduro from Fat Tire Flyer

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Yes, I am going to suggest you read quite a lot of text.  My apologies.

However, it's worth it.

Thinking about buying something enduro-specific these days? That hot, new, never before trend?  Not so much.

This article, by Tom Reed, which appeared in Vol 5, No 2 (April-May 1985) of the unbeatable Fat Tire Flyer has it all: factions of cycling disliking other supposed categories, thinking them inferior, a multiple stage format complimenting all types of riders, and, best of all, a "funky, low-key club ride for locals... bigness would take away from its peculiar down-home flavor."  Sounds like a current description of enduro to me.  It also states that the race had been going on for nine years, putting the birth of enduro at 1976.  So I submit that current, burgeoning enduro be referred to as a vintage or retro discipline.  Perhaps historic.

My favorite, write to The Bike Peddler in Santa Rosa, CA, Att: Gordon Burns or Tom Hillard to find out more.  The Bike Peddler is a really great shop full of amazing people.  I don't know if either of those guys currently works there.  I do know that in 2008, Gordon Burns still did, wrenching on bikes, amazing: peep HERE.  Can't say they haven't been with it from the start.

Finally, in searching to figure out if Tom Hillard still works at The Bike Peddler, I stumbled across realizing that Ibis had already posted this.  They definitely should have, Scot Nicol edged out Joe Breeze to win the race.  So the credit is due to Fat Tire Flyer, Charlie Kelly, Tom Reed, Scot Nicol and lovely Ibis Cycles and anybody else who posted this.  I'm not biting Ibis' style, just celebrating them as well.  I included a shot of the back too, to show we truly have a copy.  My first nice bike ever was a steel Ibis Mojo.  I still have it and love it.

So, read this:


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