Nano Days & Faded Horizons

16 April, 2014

What's great about the Nano tire is that it really can do it all.  Win a cross country race?  Sure, it's light and quick.  Bikepack the entirety of Tour Divide?  Of course, that's its home turf.  Win an enduro?  Yup, believe it or not, Nathan Riddle won the Ashland Mountain Challenge last year, the third stop on the Oregon Enduro Series tour, on Nano 2.1 29" TCS tires.  All of that, they're versatile.

So, it only makes sense that the Nano could do a long, mixed condition ride, some might even argue that it could be construed as a gravel ride, others a bikepack, others still simply touring, and other other others, a dirt tour.

Regardless of what you want to call it, Cam Falconer (RPWR vet,) Fred Cauthen, and a whole host of others entangled in the Rick Hunter / Fresh Air Bicycles contingency, shredded their way 450 miles over California's finest south of Carmel, California traversing the Santa Lucia Mountains in the Ventana Wilderness separating California's coast from California's interior.  You better believe a solid 150 of those were dirt.  So don't forget about the Nano, they rule.


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