Jay Petervary Wins Arrowhead 135 in Negative Temps Aboard Rocket V

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 Photo Credit: Russ Loucks / Arrow 135 Facebook Page

At 3:13 AM on Tuesday the 28th in Tower, Minnesota, Jay Petervary crossed the finish line.  It was a balmy -24 degrees Farenheit.  JayP had just won one of the coldest Arrowhead 135 Races to date.  He pushed his bike across the finish because... well... his hub was frozen.  Yep, actually frozen, that's what happens.  Worry not, the race stipulates that it's a human-powered Ultra Marathon, so pushing a frozen bike across is ok too.  Other crazies run it, some cross country ski it.

What is it?  It's 135 miles following the Arrowhead State Snowmobile Trail from International Falls to Tower, Minnesota across the northernmost stretches of the snow-covered state.  Looking at a map, International Falls looks like it might as well reside in Canada it's so far north.  JayP finished in 20 hours and 13 minutes, despite his frozen hub, aboard his special edition, heated WTB Rocket V SLT.  Just kidding, JayP's tough enough to ride a normal Rocket V.  It doesn't matter the discipline, you'll find JayP aboard a Rocket V.  Whether it's creating a new solo self-supported category for the Race Across Oregon on a road bike, holding the Tour Divide record on his mountain bike, or in this case winning the Arrowhead 135 on his fat bike, regardless of the type of bike, you'll find it adorned with a Rocket V.  Congrats JayP, we're proud and honored by your feat.

Also, a big congratulations to Tracey Petervary, finishing 5th!  A huge thank you to all the volunteers and organizers (thank you Ken and Jackie Krueger!) who make this race happen, ensuring racers are accounted for and pulling those who are showing signs of Frostbite at check points.

Check out the Arrowhead 135's website:

See more of this year's event at Arrowhead 135's Facebook page:

 Jay and Tracey Petervary, warming up after the finish.  Can you tell it was cold?   Geeez, it's still written on their faces.  Photo Credit: Russ Loucks / Arrowhead 135 Facebook Page

Want to see temps?  See what racers were facing here

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