Tangwyn Andrews

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Name: Tangwyn Andrews

Location: Cotswolds, UK

Rider Type: Ambassador

Favorite: Raddler, Nano, Riddler & Ranger. WTB have it covered connecting the gravel experience.

About Me: I am a mixed race rider: Flandrien/Bengali/English/American which has lead to a life unusual with bikes at the core throughout all lives adventures all over the globe. I only ride roads to ride off roads, so I'm drawn to dirt in all its glory. Fun facts: I lived as a travelling monk for 3 years with no possessions in some pretty wild places. I have had to deal with Bears breaking into my hut, being stalked by a tiger only to meet it face to face in the dawn jungle light, snakes in my bed, nearly kidnapped, thrown off a cliff by a landslide & saved by a tree, sinking boats in shark filled waters. Now a teacher, Dad & race/event organiser, still an adventure. The future is only to ride bikes with passion & positivity, encourage the next generation to head out breath deep & find the adventure near and far.

Social Media: Instagram 

Riding WTB Since.....Late 1980s!

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