‘Rapid Rich’ Stoodley

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Name: ‘Rapid Rich’ Stoodley

Location:  Sheffield, UK

Discipline: MTB / Gravel

Rider Type:  Road, MTB and Gravel Long Distance

Favorite WTB Product: Nano Tyres, but I think I am going to get a lot of use out of the Devo Saddle with Pick Up  !!

About Me: Everyone calls me ‘Rapid’ but that’s another story (Motorsport related), and to be honest, for me, it’s the taking part and involvement and aiming to achieve my own goals that is what drives me.  I always love a good story, and hopefully my adventures inspire others to push themselves further, or attempt something they otherwise thought they could not do.

I am not fast, never in the running for the Win …. but I will never stop trying !

At 63 and only been riding a bike for the last 11 years, I’m probably the most surprising of the WTB Ambassadors.   I struggle with fitness, have asthma and always fighting my weight and still learning bike skills … but I make up any shortfall in ability with my sheer determination.

I show, that with tenacity you can overcome age, fears and do whatever you put your mind to.

In the UK I race HillClimbs, short steep full gas time trials but now have expanded to ultra bike-packing events and long distance riding

To me, choosing quality reliable and able equipment and meticulous preparation is key. I can then push myself to MY limit and if I fail … it’s then all down to me.

2024 will see me contest the Atlas Mountain Race and I’m already planning a truly  epic long distance ride – watch this space.

Riding WTB Since: 1998. Associated since 2023

Instagram Handle: @rapid_rich


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