Densely packed, fast rolling, and happy to be ridden aggressively, the Wolverine is almost plated by its working edges. Need proof? The Wolverine won the 2014 Arizona Trail Race without a single flat under Jay Petervary. That’s 750 miles of cacti, thorns, devastatingly sharp rocks, and no flats, downright tough – makes sense why it also finds itself on the Downieville podium.


USAGE: XC / Enduro
CONDITIONS: Dry to Damp / Hardpack to Loam

Wheel Size Level Weight Compound Casing Bead
26" TCS Tough/Fast Rolling 870g Dual DNA Enduro TCS
27.5" TCS Tough/Fast Rolling 932g Dual DNA Enduro TCS
27.5" TCS Light/Fast Rolling 773g Dual DNA Lightweight TCS
29" TCS Light/Fast Rolling 804g Dual DNA Lightweight TCS

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