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Endurance Athlete Rebecca Rusch Riding WTB Saddles

17 January, 2017

MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – January 17, 2017 – With an immense amount of excitement, WTB would like to announce endurance athlete Rebecca Rusch will be riding WTB saddles in 2017. Rebecca has created a recognizable name for herself by successfully approaching mountain biking from numerous angles, both on and off the bike. Whether it be stacking up seven world championships across various disciplines, authoring an autobiographical book, organizing the “Rebecca’s Private Idaho” gravel event, public speaking or setting records along the way, Rebecca has created a trail of accomplishments that only seems to grow with time. 

“WTB sent me a few saddles to try out and after just a quick spin around the block I instantly knew that my new saddle would be one made by WTB,” stated Rebecca. “Just a couple minutes was all I needed to provide the confidence to put the WTB Deva through the ultimate test on a 400+ mile ride from Charlotte, NC to Nashville, TN. It was a risk I was willing to take because I’d been searching for the right saddle for way too long. I knew I would be in good hands, considering my husband (also a 24-hour solo World Champ) has ridden WTB saddles for over 15 years. The Deva provided me love at first sit. Sometimes you just know when something is right. My butt and I are very excited about the new partnership with WTB!”

She may be regarded as the Queen of Pain by many, but we at WTB are pleased to know that regardless of how hard she pushes it, she’ll be comfortable at the most important contact point between body and bike. We’re honored any time an athlete picks WTB as their saddle of choice, but it means something even more when a professional endurance athlete at Rebecca’s level finds confidence and satisfaction in a WTB saddle.

Need more? Check out Rebecca’s website at to keep up to date on all the races and events she is either organizing or competing in for both mountain biking and gravel.


WTB Introduces Ranger 2.25 XC Tire

11 January, 2017


WTB Introduces Ranger 2.25 XC Tire for Damp-to-Wet Conditions

MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – January 11, 2017 – WTB is proud to expand its cross-country lineup with the versatile Ranger 2.25 tire for damp-to-wet conditions, whether it be hammering away from a starting line or heading out on a local trail ride. While not publicly announced, the Ranger 2.25 tire made its race debut at the 2016 UCI World Championships in Nové Město, Czech Republic, in order to provide athletes with an all-conditions tire capable of any possible weather forecast. Proving their worth in the most elite arena of cross-country racing, they’re designed to be the ultimate damp-to-wet conditions tire for racers of any level.

Following the World Championships, 2016 WTB athlete and Team Canada Olympian Raphaël Gagné said, “I love the versatility of the Ranger 2.25 in medium-to-wet conditions. The higher volume makes it comfortable, resistant and my go-to tire for most medium-to-wet conditions. I rode it throughout the fall season on serious and muddy cross-country/enduro trails. The Ranger 2.25 is very puncture-resistant and pairs well with the supple rubber used on WTB TCS Light tires. Medium knobs in the center section allows for mud clearance, while faster rolling and taller side knobs provide all the needed control and confidence to push speed and enjoy the trails.”


Photo: Abner Kingman

“The Ranger 2.25 features an open tread block pattern that is designed to easily clear mud in adverse riding conditions,” stated Chris Feucht, WTB’s manager of new product development.  “What’s different about it [Ranger] though,” furthered Feucht, “is that the Ranger is still incredibly fast rolling despite its all-weather versatility and mud clearance.  We’ve achieved this by pairing down the height of the central knobs while still keeping them aggressively square shaped, then maintaining height on the extreme edges of the tire’s profile tread and ensuring support on those outer knobs.  What you end up with is a tire that is fast but can handle whatever conditions it’s confronted with – a true all-condition lightweight tire that is comfortable in both a cross country and trail setting.”

"The Ranger 2.25 is my go-to tire when conditions are unpredictable because the softer compound sticks to wet rocks and roots while smaller, widely-spaced knobs keep the tire free of mud yet still rolling fast on pavement and hard packed dirt,” stated Keegan Swenson, 2016 WTB athlete.

Preproduction samples of WTB Ranger 2.25 27.5” TCS Light Fast Rolling tires weigh 685 grams, while WTB Ranger 2.25 29” TCS Light Fast Rolling tires weigh 695 grams. All WTB Ranger 2.25 tires are constructed around WTB Lightweight Casing, while both available diameters are available in Fast Rolling and High Grip versions. Fast Rolling models of the WTB Ranger 2.25 feature Dual Compound DNA Rubber, which pairs tenacious 50a durometer side knobs to a fast-rolling 60a durometer centerline. High Grip models of the WTB Ranger 2.25 feature Gravity DNA Rubber, which provides supportive 60a durometer rubber from bead to bead, while the exposed tread utilizes a sticky 45a durometer compound for increased traction through a softer and more conforming contact patch. Two compound options provide racers, as well as daily trail riders, with the ability to place priority on additional traction or minimal rolling resistance, depending on the conditions.

Photo: Abner Kingman

All versions of the 27.5-inch WTB Ranger 2.25 are available at an MSRP of $67.95, while 29-inch models have an MSRP of $69.95. The full line of WTB Ranger 2.25 tires is currently in stock and shipping from WTB. 

Ranger 29+ Now Available in TCS Tough

06 January, 2017

When we introduced our Ranger 2.8/3.0 tires, we knew bikepackers would be using them to explore rugged singletrack in remote regions of the world. We weren't aware they would become the tire of choice for REALLY getting out there in areas where the trail fights back and there's no chance of calling home. There became an obvious need for a Ranger 29+ tire with the robust Enduro Casing of our TCS Tough tires. 

Weighing in at 1140 grams, we've never been so pleased to produce such a hefty tire. Bikepackers rejoice...there are now tubeless tires you can depend upon for those excessively long rides on unpredictable terrain. Senders rejoice...there are now tires capable of withstanding the unimaginable amounts of force your 29+ trail bike deals out in any given corner. 

Available with an MSRP of $76.95, the WTB Ranger 29 x 3.0 TCS Tough/Fast Rolling tire is currently in stock and shipping from our California warehouse. Order now!

Always supporting exploration in every way we can,

WTB Galaxy Saddle to Support Buddy Newman Scholarship Fund

13 October, 2016

NEVADA CITY, CALIFORNIA – October 13, 2016-  Last December, the mountain bike community lost an incredible person when Buddy Newman, graphic designer for WTB and the son of Nevada Union Miners Mountain Biking head coach Eric Newman, passed away in a fatal car accident. Buddy was a student athlete from the time he was in 8th grade until he graduated from Nevada Union (NU) High School in 2009. He grew up racing bikes with the Miners, where he met some of his closest friends, as well as the memories he made with each of them. After he graduated, Buddy followed his dreams and went to work combining the two passions he loved most…art and mountain biking. He quickly found a home at WTB (Wilderness Trail Bikes) designing custom saddle and rim graphics with Jason Moeschler, one of his former coaches while on the NU Miners Mountain Bike Team.

Buddy's legacy lives on both from his countless acts of kindness that have touched everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him, as well as through his artwork you see on bikes all around the world with custom WTB graphics. In honor of Buddy, all of us at WTB are very pleased to put one of his custom saddle designs into production, and provide an opportunity to support high school mountain bike racing through a scholarship fund made available through a partnership with the NorCal High School Cycling League.

The WTB Galaxy saddle is a Team-level Volt saddle, features titanium rails and DNA Padding, and is available in a limited quantity of the 135mm width. Now available for purchase through WTB’s online store for a retail price of $129.95, the Galaxy saddle mirrors the MSRP of a non-custom WTB Volt Team saddle. Proceeds from sales of the Galaxy saddle will pay for racing fees for the Nevada Union Miners mountain bike team.

We at WTB hope you will join us in celebrating Buddy's memory by enjoying some of the unique beauty he brought into this world while also supporting high school mountain bike racing in the process. 


About WTB

Founded in 1982, WTB was formed in the birthplace of mountain biking to design better bicycle products. Renowned for saddles, tires, rims, and grips, this rider-driven company continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible through an unrelenting spirit of innovation and passion for two-wheeled adventure.



WTB Partners with XPDTN3 Explorers

06 October, 2016

MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – October 7, 2016 – WTB is proud to announce its partnership with the XPDTN3 club by providing them tires and saddles capable of withstanding the rigors faced throughout the explorers’ drop bar adventures in remote regions around the world.
The XPDTN3 club consists of a multi-talented group of explorers with various backgrounds ranging from an ex-pro road cyclist, a mountain bike race director, a small-town rambler from the Midwest of America, a professional outdoor photographer, a graphic designing triathlete, a seasoned mountaineer and a professional tandem pilot who provides the vision as half of a cycling Paralympic duo. Based on a simple concept, the goal of the XPDTN3 club is to show what can be achieved with nothing more than a long weekend, a gravel bike and a bit of gear.   
“We love bike expeditions. But like most of you, we don’t have the time for 5 weeks in Mongolia or 3 months in Peru. So we started the XPDTN3 club, packing as much bike adventure into 3 days as possible.” – The XPDTN3 Club
The majority of XPDTN3 explorers have chosen Nano 700x40c tires as their go-to tire for mixed terrain routes that included combinations of gravel grinds, dusty roads, remote doubletrack and raw singletrack. However, the team will also be using the WTB Ranger 2.0 tire for more aggressive routes that incorporate extended sections of trail traditionally considered to be mountain bike trails, which will provide a true test of what drop bar bikes are capable of.  Each of the XPDTN3 explorers have been provided custom WTB SL8 saddles to match the color scheme of the 3T Exploro, which is the world’s first aero bike, as well as the bike of choice for all XPDTN3 trips.
With a goal of exposing the endless possibilities of short, two-wheel adventures in every corner of the world, the XPDTN3 club has already compiled an extended list of trips on their website. These trips include the Westfjords of Iceland, the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy and the Idaho Hot Springs Route in the United States. Each trip is followed by a detailed write-up, accompanied by numerous experiential photographs, which expresses the successes, failures, sights and emotions encountered throughout an extended weekend of exploration via bike. They focus on the raw experience of embarking on two-wheeled adventures where time isn’t necessarily in abundance and putting forth the effort to make it happen is always worth it.
WTB is proud to be partnering with such a driven group of individuals and looks forward to providing a dependable line of products for XPDTN3 adventures. Additionally, we look forward to members of our WTB team joining the XPDNT3 club on future trips.

WTB Revives Women’s Specific Deva Saddle

01 September, 2016

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, GERMANY – August 30, 2016 – One of WTB’s most popular saddles, the women’s specific Deva, will be relaunched at Eurobike with updated graphics to make it more consistent with the current line of WTB saddles. The Deva will retain the same shape and all of its previous features as when it was originally designed by Mark Slate, WTB’s founder and the designer behind many WTB products. As a saddle that developed a considerable following, WTB is bringing it back in all its previous glory with an updated look that will appeal to a wide range of riders.


As WTB’s performance-focused women’s saddle, the Deva features a short nose for easy on-off transitions, while the wider profile tail-end provides an ample amount of support. The medium width is paired with a minimally curved length that provides freedom for multiple sitting positions along the length of it compared to other saddles with a more pronounced swoop, which tend to hold the sit bones in a specific area. The Deva ProGel will return to the line as well, which provides strategically placed gel inserts to increase comfort in key regions. In short, the women’s specific Deva ProGel takes a functional, svelte shape and provides it with a little extra padding for increased comfort.


“Since the years well before my employment with WTB, the Deva has not only been my saddle of choice, but also the only saddle that truly worked for me.” stated Heather McFadden, WTB’s Global Marketing Manager. “When I started with WTB, I made it my mission to bring back the saddle that I, and many others, have come to love. So here it is, the Deva…perfect for shredders, without the need to be pink or have all the frills!”


The Deva saddle is available in five different models, providing different padding and rail materials. Deva Team features titanium rails, DNA padding, weighs 200 grams and has an MSRP of $129.95. Deva Pro features cromoly rails, DNA padding, weighs 208 grams and has an MSRP of $89.95. Deva Race features cromoly rails, DNA padding, weighs 267 grams and has an MSRP of $59.95. Deva Gel features steel rails, DNA padding, weighs 291 grams and has an MSRP of $54.95. Deva Comp features steel rails, Standard padding, weighs 324 grams and has an MSRP of $39.95. All models of the updated Deva saddle will be in stock and ready to ship this fall.



About WTB

Founded in 1982, WTB was formed in the birthplace of mountain biking to design better bicycle products.  Renowned for saddles, tires, rims, and grips, this rider-driven company continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible through an unrelenting spirit of innovation and passion for two-wheeled adventure.

WTB Launches First Tubeless 26+ Tire at Eurobike

01 September, 2016

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, GERMANY – August 30, 2016 – Expanding upon the recently
introduced Ranger 27.5+/29+ tires for trail and bikepacking uses, WTB is officially
launching the first tubeless 26+ mountain bike tire at Eurobike. Similar to the 27.5+
retrofit concept introduced by WTB two years ago, the Ranger 26+ 2.8/3.0 tire is able to
sneak into the frames of many existing 27.5-inch trail bikes without any modification. In
recent years, 27.5” tires have taken over as the most prevalent tire size for riders looking to bridge the gap between fast rolling efficiency and playful nimbleness. Introducers and continual innovators of the plus-size tire concept, WTB designed the Ranger 26+ to provide trail riders high-volume benefits with the same outer diameter as traditional 27.5” tires.

Following the tread pattern of 27.5+ and 29+ versions of the Ranger 2.8/3.0 tire, the 26+ version features exposed outer lugs for traction in corners, while also allowing the tread to shed mud with ease. Pairing the outer knobs with a tight, supportive centerline tread pattern, the Ranger 26+ delivers a fast yet supple plus-size tire that excels in all
conditions, whether wet or dry, hardpack or loam. Multi-directional siping on each block
of tread increases the amount of working edges contacting the trail, providing added
traction without increasing the rolling resistance of the tire. The Ranger is WTB’s first
family of plus-size tires to be offering with TCS Tough casings and the Ranger 26+ will
continue this movement in both the 2.8 and 3.0 width. 

“The more trail hours we spent testing and pushing the limits of what plus-size tires are capable of, the more we realized that the overly weight-conscious casings of many current plus-size tires have been preventing adept riders from taking full advantage of the benefits provided by high-volume tires,” stated Evan Smith, WTB’s product designer.

“While riders at the beginner and intermediate levels of the sport will likely prefer the
reduced rotational weight of TCS Light versions, we found some aggressive riders having to over-inflate many plus-size tires to pressures that would negated the supple ride characteristics and increased footprint of high-volume tires. For riders who fully send it, the stouter casings of TCS Tough versions provide the added sidewall stability and protection needed to run ideal plus-size pressures in the 10-15 psi range.”
The Ranger 26+ is available in three different levels for each of the 2.8” and 3.0” widths.

Available levels are TCS Light: Fast Rolling, TCS Light: High Grip and TCS Tough:
Fast Rolling levels. The TCS Light: Fast Rolling level features our Dual Compound DNA Rubber, Lightweight Casing and TCS Aramid bead with an MSRP of $67.95. The TCS Light: High Grip level features our Gravity DNA Rubber, Lightweight Casing and TCS Aramid bead with an MSRP of $67.95. Providing a thicker casing for increased sidewall stability and protection, the TCS Tough: Fast Rolling level features our Dual Compound DNA Rubber, Enduro Casing and TCS Aramid bead with an MSRP of $76.95. Pre-production samples of the Ranger 26” 2.8 TCS Light: Fast Rolling tire weigh 783 grams each. Various levels of each diameter and width in the WTB Ranger family are currently in stock at the WTB warehouse.

About TCS:
WTB’s proprietary sealant tubeless system, TCS (Tubeless Compatible System,)
revolutionized rims and tires in 2009 when combining ETRTO, ISO, and UST standards
with light tubeless rotational weights. Never before had a standards-based tubeless
system weighed so little. Certified as the first sealant-based tires for the UST system in
2012 by Mavic, TCS continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible through
purpose-built tires and rims tailor-made for every discipline of cycling. Learn more
about what’s possible at

About WTB:
Founded in 1982, WTB was formed in the birthplace of mountain biking to design better
bicycle products. Renowned for saddles, tires, rims, and grips, this rider-driven company continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible through an unrelenting spirit of innovation and passion for two-wheeled adventure.

WTB Carbon Rims Just Got Wider

16 August, 2016


WTB Carbon Rims Just Got Wider


MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – August 16, 2016 – WTB is proud to announce the release of their Ci31 Carbon rims, the newest and widest addition to their line of carbon rims with a 31mm internal rim width and further reinforced construction to overcome the increasingly aggressive terrain of trail and enduro riding. Debuted last year, the refined function and elegant appearance of WTB’s Ci24 Carbon rims was the result of more than two years of testing and development on the most unforgiving terrain Team WTB could find. While the 24mm inner rim width of the Ci24 has proven itself as a strong, dependable carbon rim for multiple usages ranging from cross-country racing to drop-bar exploration, the increased durability and wider profile of the WTB Ci31 Carbon rims now meet and exceed the demands of riders looking for reliable carbon rims to be used on the most ruthless terrain. 


Fully TCS compatible, WTB Ci31 Carbon rims pair seamlessly with tubeless tires designed within ETRTO standards to ensure supple tubeless traction with true bead retention, while also allowing riders to mount their tubeless tires using nothing more than a floor pump. Established as a sweet spot for trail and enduro riding, the 31mm inner rim width provides additional sidewall stability through a wider base of contact between the tire bead and rim hook. The additional width of Ci31 Carbon rims also increases the footprint of a tire when compared to trail rims within the i21 to i25 range, yielding a tenacious amount of traction while minimizing rotational weight.  


“When it came to developing the original Ci24 rims and then building upon them for our further fortified Ci31 rims, our testing method was simple.” stated Chris Feucht, head of WTB product development. “We designed them with features that we knew would provide optimal ride quality and structural integrity…then rode them with unforgivable manners until we broke them. Building upon each version, we added more layers of carbon where it was needed…until we couldn’t break them. “Quality Control” for the Ci31s consisted of strengthening high-stress regions of the rim, such as the area around the bead hook, until they were unfazed by bulldozers along the lines of Mark Weir and Ben Cruz.


WTB Ci31 rims feature 4D Drilling technology, where spoke holes are drilled at a precise departure angle from the rim to align the spoke heads and nipples with the angle at which the spokes exit the hub flange. Increasingly important on carbon rims, 4D Drilling eliminates both binding and excessive lateral forces on spokes and nipples, thereby increasing the overall strength and integrity of even the cleanest wheel build.


“Kona had a big part in both the Ci24 and Ci31 coming to be,” stated Jason Moeschler, WTB’s OEM sales manager. “When they came to us wanting carbon rims for their top-tier builds, we jumped at the opportunity. Fast forward a year and their team just won the BC Bike Race on our Ci24 rims, proving their strength and performance in a cross-country race! Seeing the trend of wider rims we knew the Ci31 rims would be used on bikes in the 160mm range and so we built them to be really strong and able to handle anything thrown their way.”


WTB Ci31 Carbon rims come in 27.5-inch and 29-inch options, weighing 455 grams and 490 grams respectively. They have a 39mm outer width combined with a 31mm full TCS profile inner width and have an overall depth of 31mm. Available only in 32-hole configurations to match the most common hub drilling configuration, the rims retail for $599.95 each and are currently in stock and shipping from the WTB warehouse in Novato, California.


Please stop by the WTB booth (B3-204) at Eurobike, August 31st through September 4th, to receive a first viewing of WTB Ci31 Carbon rims.



About TCS


WTB’s proprietary sealant tubeless system, TCS (Tubeless Compatible System,) revolutionized rims and tires in 2009 when combining ETRTO, ISO, and UST standards with light tubeless rotational weights.  Never before had a standards-based tubeless system weighed so little.  Certified as the first sealant-based tires for the UST system in 2012 by Mavic, TCS continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible through purpose-built tires and rims tailor-made for every discipline of cycling.  Learn more about what’s possible at


About WTB


Founded in 1982, WTB was formed in the birthplace of mountain biking to design better bicycle products.  Renowned for saddles, tires, rims, and grips, this rider-driven company continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible through an unrelenting spirit of innovation and passion for two-wheeled adventure.

WTB Launches Road Plus at NAHBS

25 February, 2016


SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA – February 25, 2016 – WTB will be unveiling a new 650b tire named the Horizon 650 x 47c Road Plus TCS beneath Hunter and Soulcraft bicycles during day one of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS.) Referred to as “Road Plus” by WTB, the Horizon 650 x 47c tire measures the same overall diameter as a 700 x 30mm road tire and is intended to be used with endurance road and gravel applications. This builds upon the same school of thought as WTB’s 27.5+ system, where an oversized 27.5” tire equates to the same height and diameter as a traditional 29” mountain bike tire. 

“At the same overall diameter as current endurance road bikes, the geometry remains unchanged – bottom bracket height, axle to crown, relative angles, all stay the same,” stated Chris Feucht, WTB’s manager of new product development. “Only additional chain stay clearance may be needed, though quite a lot of existing bikes on the market already clear this size.”

WTB has compiled a list of currently compatible frames, which can be viewed at Additionally, several bicycle brands have models arriving this fall accommodating WTB’s Horizon 650 x 47c Road Plus TCS tires. Kellen LeBlanc, product manager for Masi Bicycles, commented on the upcoming Masi Speciale Randonneur, available to dealers starting in September 2016:

“The Speciale Randonneur is a sport touring bicycle designed for long hauls at speed while still retaining a comfortable ride. It’s designed to be loaded with weight on the front fork while also boasting a superb ride quality. Like traditional randonneuring bicycles, 650b tires are a must, which is why we have chosen WTB Horizon Road Plus TCS tires – fast rolling, comfortable tires that soak up the bumps so your body doesn’t have to!”

Brodie Bikes, Miele, and Rawland will also be supporting the size and while Masi has opted for enhanced gear carrying and compliance benefits, others are aiming for ultra light mixed-terrain usage as seen through 3T’s new low spoke count, wide carbon fiber wheels optimized for Road Plus. The ­­3T Discus Plus wheels will be offered in LTD, Team, and Pro versions with the Team model arriving with preinstalled Horizon 650 x 47c Road Plus TCS tires.

“The key to Road Plus is its versatility,” stated Will Ritchie, WTB’s drop bar category manager. “It furthers what’s great about current endurance road bikes – more compliance, less road noise and abuse on the body – and expands on this without having to push a bigger overall wheel than necessary. Our TCS [Tubeless Compatible System] version of the Horizon 650 x 47c Road Plus tire really takes advantage of this extra volume, allowing for a smoother ride on the road, a larger contact patch and lower pressure for taking things into dirt, and a more stable ride while touring or carrying extra weight. You can really see a lot of this potential with both the Hunter and Soulcraft bikes here at the show – they’re immaculately elegant road going bikes as we’d expect from these guys and the relatively smooth pattern of the Horizon Road Plus tire compliments this, yet they breathe capability. WTB is incredibly fortunate to be able to show the new Horizon Road Plus tires beneath these beautiful bikes from such accomplished builders – a big thank you to Sean Walling of Soulcraft and Rick Hunter of Hunter Cycles.”

WTB Horizon 650 x 47c Road Plus TCS tires feature WTB’s Lightweight Casing and Dual DNA Rubber Compound with preproduction sample weights of 515g. The Horizon 650 x 47c Road Plus TCS tire will retail for $67.95 USD with a projected availability of June 2016. WTB recommends pairing the Horizon 650 x 47c Road Plus TCS tires with its KOM i23 and i25 TCS and Ci24 TCS rims to maximize the higher volume profile.

WTB will also be expanding its drop bar offerings with Exposure 700 x 30c and 700 x 34c Road TCS tires debuting at Taipei International Cycle Show March 2nd - available for a first viewing in booth L0826.

WTB would like to thank James Olsen of Pinnacle Bikes for his invaluable input and insight as well as Gerard Vroomen and Andy Kessler of Open Cycle. Additionally, WTB would like to thank supporting bike brands and component companies contributing to the success of Road Plus.

WTB Unveils New PadLoc Grip Line, Eliminating Slippage Through Comfort

23 August, 2015

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, GERMANY – August 26, 2015 – WTB unveiled their new complete grip line, named the PadLoc (TM) series, during day one of the 2015 Eurobike international bike trade show. PadLoc grips remove material from the end of traditional mountain bike handlebars, creating an angled end that interfaces directly with the grip system’s integrated subframe, eliminating the ability to slip while also providing comfort through additional rubber.

“In order to prevent grip slippage, you have to look closely at where the rotation is occurring,” stated Chris Feucht, WTB’s manager of new product development. “Purely bolting a grip down is not going to solve the problem, you have to think about how they [grips] slide and then work on that specific contact area to prevent movement from occurring,” elaborated Feucht. “Creating an angled plane on the handlebar’s end that counters forward movement solves this issue. The best part is, this also adds real estate for extra rubber, which makes PadLoc grips remarkably forgiving and comfortable. It’s funny that such an aggressive design is so easy on the hands,” concluded Feucht.

As mentioned by Feucht, PadLoc grips rely on an angled plane at the handlebar’s end to combat movement. When viewed without a grip, the rounded end of the handlebar appears lopped off, instead sloping at roughly a 30 degree angle downward for the last inch of the handlebar’s length. WTB then employs a hardened inner sleeve, which they refer to as the Subframe that fits directly over the handlebar, conforming to the handlebar’s profile and acting as a base skeleton for rubber attachment. Rubber then coats the Subframe, filling the void left from the handlebar’s angled end and making a rounded outer, which WTB refers to as the Wedge and is designed to provide palm comfort through a softer end that alleviates pressure. A single inboard lock ring, referred to as the Inner Lock, prevents external, horizontal movement.

WTB designed the PadLoc grips to address grip slippage incidents plaguing members of Team WTB during demanding high concentration moments of riding and competition. “Both Jerome [Clementz] and I have had our locking grips completely slip on us when we need them most,” explained Jason Moeschler, WTB’s director of global OEM sales. “We’re not big riders, which is the strange part. If it’s happening to us, it’s happening to others too. I’ve had serious crashes from twisting a grip, it was obvious we needed to change the way grips fit on bars so we developed the PadLoc system”

WTB PadLoc grips require either modification of an existing handlebar or one specifically designed to accommodate them. SRAM also announced the release of two handlebars under their TRUVATIV components brand also during day one of Eurobike. The Jerome Signature Series Carbon Bar will feature 20mm of rise, seven degrees of back-sweep, and five degrees of upsweep with a 750mm width. The Jerome Clementz BlackBox Bar will be made of unidirectional carbon fiber, weighing 225g and will come mounted with WTB Commander 30mm PadLoc grips featuring Jerome Clementz’s signature green accents. The MSRP on the Jerome Clementz Signature Series Carbon Bar and WTB Commander 30mm PadLoc Grip combo is ­­­­­$226 USD. Additionally, SRAM released a 780mm Boobar handlebar made of 7000 series alloy featuring seven degrees of back-sweep, five degrees of upsweep and 20mm of rise. Available in black and weighing in at 335g, the Boobar Aluminum Bar will retail for $111 USD when paired with WTB grey Commander 30mm PadLoc grips. Both TRUVATIV handlebar/grip options come with WTB PadLoc Commander grips already installed on the handlebars and both bars will be available in a 31.8mm clamp diameter.

To allow existing handlebars to accept WTB PadLoc grips, Park Tool released a PadLoc handlebar modification tool. Named the Park SGI-7, it acts as an insert for the Park SG-7.2 Adjustable Saw Guide allowing shop employees to modify existing handlebars to accommodate PadLoc grips.

WTB will be offering PadLoc grips in six different profiles, each featuring multiple color ways and spanning from an oversized 33mm offering, named the Clydesdale, down to a 28mm diameter option aptly named the Thinline. There will also be a raised, ergonomically shaped Ace grip and a winged grip aimed at comfort and distance riding named the Wingnut. The 30mm diameter Commander grip will also be available in a Grip Shift option. All PadLoc grips will retail for $34.95 USD and have a projected mid-December availability from WTB while grip/handlebar combinations will begin shipping from SRAM in September 2015.

Stop by WTB’s Eurobike booth – B4/105 to talk to Jerome Clementz Friday, August 28th at 11 AM to find out why WTB’s PadLocs are his preferred grips.

About WTB

Founded in 1982, WTB was formed in the birthplace of mountain biking to design better bicycle products. Renowned for saddles, tires, rims, and grips, this rider-driven company continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible through an unrelenting spirit of innovation and passion for two-wheeled adventure.

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