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  1. Downieville All Mountain Race Entry Giveaway

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  2. Downieville Adventure with Mark Weir, Ben Cruz and Jason Moeschler Friends, bikes, beer and the great outdoors: who could ask for more? Wait, how about beer? Oh, yeah, we said that already. WTB/Cannondale's OverMountain team members Mark Weir, Ben Cruz and Jason Moeschler take a trip to Downieville that... » view details

  3. 2008 Downieville Classic Race Report

    This year’s Downieville Classic saw some big changes. The event became the inaugural All-Mountain World Championships, the XC course gained two more miles of ripping singletrack and, for the first time in years, Team WTB didn’t dominate everything. The weekend... » view details

  4. Moeschler and Lloyd Both 2nd in Downieville Classic

    Jason Moeschler blasting down Third Divide Trail. Photo by Forrest Arakawa The Downieville Classic once again secured its prominence as the premier All Mountain race in America. Spectators were treated to a dramatic competition with the most talent-stacked field in... » view details

  5. Come Hell or High Water (in this case snow) the 2011 Downieville Classic Prevails !

    Like the famous saying in the movie The Field of Dreams, "if you build it they will come", the 2011 motto for the Downieville Classic was, "if we remove the snow they will come." That is exactly what happened thanks... » view details

  6. Jason Moeschler and Kenny Burt take 3rd and 4th at Downieville!

    Downieville, CA, a mere stone’s throw from WTB’s Nevada City offices hosting OEM sales, product development, and design – the testing ground for many promising products submitted to the unapologetic harsh environs of razor sharp rocks, blinding dust, lung-searing ascents,... » view details

  7. Throwback Thursdays: 2001 Downieville Classic Cruiser Cup

    Once upon a time, somebody had a strange idea: Why not send cruisers, or clunkers, with nothing more than a kick back coaster brake down Downieville's 4500' harrowing downhill.  Who thought that up?  Cam Falconer working at Yuba Expeditions.  Buy... » view details

  8. Team WTB overtakes Downieville, the Last Real Race

      Team WTB/Cannondale Overmountain riders Jason Moeschler and Marco Osborne dominate the All Mountain podium at the 2014 Downieville Classic. Northern California didn't get any rain last winter, must have placed its order wrong in a No Snow for You... » view details

  9. The Other Downieville

    Photo Credit: @GusGibbs It's easy to get in somewhat of a perfect (figurative) rut in Downieville.  Camp or stay some place, wake up, un-stiffen oneself preferably through coffee, make it to the home of the shuttles, Yuba Expeditions, ride... » view details


    Over 30 years of innovation has led WTB to create the latest in All Mountain saddles - the Volt. Ridden to podium spots as the official saddle of this years' Downieville All Mountain World Championship, the Volt features some of... » view details

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