William Curtis

How long you have been with WTB: 10ish years

Age: 23

Discipline: XC, Enduro, Cross, Fun-having

Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Favorite place to ride: Santa Cruz, CA

Fun fact: I eat Lucky Charms for breakfast before most races. Breakfast of champions!

How WTB contributes to your success? WTB provides me with the best possible products in terms of performance and reliability, and an incredible community of people to look up to.

How you got started out competing? My dad dared me to compete at Sea Otter XC with him when I was 12. I got second to last in Beginner 14 and under, but was totally hooked. Been racing ever since!

First experience with a bike: Riding with my dad once a year up to West Point Inn on Mt Tam. We started doing it when I was about 5, and I absolutely hated it at first, but it quickly became one of the highlights of my year. I started on one of those alley-cat bikes that attaches to the one in front of it, but was on my own two wheels by age 9.

Who do you look up to? Anyone who looks to positively promote the sport of mountain biking, an active lifestyle, or environmental education and is enjoying doing it. 

Other activities(off the bike): Skiing, hiking, traveling, instagramming sunsets, pretending to be a doctor. 

Beverage of Choice: Guiness

Place you have always wanted to ride: New Zealand. Its on the bucket list for sure, looks unreal!

Instagram handle: @willmfcurtis

Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/williamjcurtis