Rim Technology

We have spent a lot of time figuring out how to effectively make things tubeless.  Our All Mountain racing heritage at places like Downieville first gave birth to frustrations over inadequate, makeshift tubeless means available, then provided a demanding testing ground for honing in bead and rim interfaces, casing thicknesses, and optimized durometer combinations.  It is where TCS, our Tubeless Compatible System, went from an idea to a proven reality.

Square-shaped bead hooks, UST specified bead bumps, and a tape and sealant driven system have created rims that adhere to universal specifications, yet bask in feathery light weights.  Our proven I-beam, cutting edge 4D drilling, and a mind-numbing amalgamation of WT69 Alloy are just a few of the features that make our rims unique.  Our Frequency rims are a testament to what can be done with these technologies.

While a lot of our passion and product development man hours are put towards the competitive tubeless arena, we provide great options for tube type usage and rim brakes.  With a long history of rim production, there’s a rim for everyone in our line and we implore you to find the rim that will change your ride.




The tubeless compatible TCS rim profile is especially designed for TCS or UST tires and is also compatible with tube type tires when used with tubes.


The I-Beam adds strength to the inner rim cavity. This distinctive, centrally located vertical support counteracts spoke loads and provides lateral rigidity.


Our spoke holes are drilled at the precise departure angle to align spoke head and nipple with hub flange, eliminating binding and lateral loading while also dispersing the load more evenly over a greater area. This prolongs the wheel’s lifespan and increases stability.


WT69 Alloy has a 20% higher yield than 6000 series Aluminum alloy and is so strong that it can be extruded into lighter rims that are tougher and stiffer than their heavier competition.


An angled inner rim profile that allows the bead of the tire to move easily and smoothly into place during installation and inflation.


Internationally standardized tire bead and rim sizing. This ensures that the fit and relationship between a rim and a tire are as secure and user-friendly as possible.


By adding a thin rib of aluminum to the outer hips of the rim, we’ve added measurable strength and stiffness to counter torsional and axial loads. This WTB innovation is found exclusively on Frequency and LaserDisc rims.


Each part within the system works with others available in the industry. If you need a new part, chances are it’s already in stock at your local bike shop.

All WTB Rims are Crotchet-Type. When inflation pressures over 72 psi / (5-bar) are used, appropriate rim base protective flap must be fitted. Crotchet-Type Rims can be used with rigid and foldable bead tires. In case of Tubeless application with a Tubeless or TCS Tire, a special air tight tape must be used with WTB Rims, or a special UST Rim must be fitted to the bicycle. Visit WTB.com for a more detailed explanation.