Tony Smith

Team: Team Santacruz/X-Fusion

How long you have been with WTB: 3 years

Age: 21

Discipline: XC

Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Favorite place to ride: San Rafael, CA

Fun fact: I have at least 10 nicknames.

How WTB contributes to your success? WTB's killer tires keep me upright at all times!

How you got started out competing? My dad introduced me to STXC when I was in 6th grade, and later on he and I started the mountain bike team at Marin Catholic high school where we competed in the NorCal league!

First experience with a bike: Rippin some lower China Camp loops with my dad.

Who do you look up to? My parents ever since the roadies got busted.

Other activities(off the bike): I help manage Cal Poly's investment portfolio.

Place you have always wanted to ride: Swiss Alps, no doubt!

Instagram handle: @tony1smith
Facebook page link:
Website link: