From lathing perfected saddle shapes out of wood blocks to tuning rebound characteristics of rubber compounds in the ragged rocks of Downieville and the Enduro World Series, WTB has taken a wholehearted, involved approach to research, design, and advancements in bicycle technology.  With a rich history in mountain biking’s origins in Marin County, this rider-driven company continues to set the bar for what is possible when care for riding and passion are taken into consideration.  Our complete line of TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) products encompassing all three wheel standards is proof alone to our commitment to the future of cycling.  From perfecting tubeless and developing impervious casings to making saddles more comfortable and redefining lightweight, WTB is dedicated to improving your ride.



Our TCS™ (Tubeless Compatible System) technology is the solution for riders seeking high performance, lightweight and durable mountain bike wheel systems that are easy to install, fun to ride and simple to service. TCS tires are the first sealant tubeless tires to receive Mavic UST® certification, which means a proven fit between sealant tubeless tire and rim. Say goodbye to air compressors, tire levers and pinch flats. Say hello to your full riding potential.

TCS Rims

TCS rims combine the best of everything – UST compliant rim bead shapes are designed to help keep tires on rims better, while a tape and sealant system shaves away critical weight. Build them up with your favorite hub and spokes for a dream wheel set that's easily serviceable at any bike shop.

TCS Tires

TCS tires boast the ride benefits of a tubeless tire with the reduced weight of a non-UST tire. TCS tires combine WTB's lightweight casing with a sealant tubeless, UST compliant bead. Those seeking extra durability can go with our TCS Tough tires for thicker casings.

TCS Rim Tape

Light, strong, and extra sticky for durable, long-lasting, leak-resistant performance.

TCS Valve

New Taper Design allows for optimal fit on a wide variety of rims. Removable valve core for easy cleaning and uninterrupted inflation. Available in 34mm and 46mm options as well as some vibrant anodized colors.


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A supple, tubeless compatible, gram-conscious carcass designed to be compliant and conform to trail objects while still providing a happy balance of low rotational weight and rugged reliability.


Take our proven TCS Light Casing and… well… double it. Yep, TCS Tough tires are composed of two full layers of casing, bead-to-bead, leaving no area unprotected on our burliest tires. Developed through real world testing during the Enduro World Series, this casing is designed to take punishment and has been optimized for tubeless sealant usage, retention, and consistency.


The pavement-going brother of our TCS Light casing. This tubeless-ready casing features a single layer of supple casing covered in our soft, grippy Distance Plus compound rubber. Tubeless simplicity paired with unbelievable road-feel in all the sizes you want.


A supple, lightweight tube-type casing, paired with a folding aramid bead and fast rolling 60a rubber. This casing type is ideal for the rider using inner tubes but demanding high-end performance from their tires.


A robust and substantial casing provides the strength needed for our wire bead tires to last. A high ratio of rubber to thread protects against trail threats and urban unpleasantries. Found in all Comp level tires, this casing type is for use with inner tubes and cannot be set up tubeless.


Our proprietary 60a durometer rubber compound offers the ideal mix of rolling efficiency and traction for XC and trail riding applications. DNA rubber is renowned for being versatile and long lasting.


Dual DNA is the perfect mix of efficiency, traction and durability. The centerline tread features a firmer rubber compound that boasts faster rolling and increased durability, while the side knobs are composed of softer, slower-rebounding rubber that improves control and grip. Featured on our Fast Rolling tires.


Consisting of a 60a durometer rubber beneath the tread for support and durability, while the exposed tread is a sticky 45a compound for increased traction throughout the entirety of the tire's contact patch, creating uncanny traction with tuned rebound characteristics designed to take harsh hits yet not fumble for footing. Featured on our High Grip tires.


Found in WTB and Freedom’s pavement tires, this compound is specifically formulated to maximize the lifespan of tires. Sick of wearing out tires yet don’t care to ride on a pair of Crayons? Try our Distance Compound for a harmonious pairing of longevity and traction.


The Flat Guard level of WTB tires features an Urban Armor Casing, which provides additional rubber throughout the entire casing and sidewall to deliver additional puncture protection while also ensuring it holds up to cornering on asphalt and even the occasional curb rub. Additionally, Flat Guard tires utilize an additional layer of rubber beneath the whole width of the tread to provide even more thickness in the region where the tires are most likely to encounter sharp, intrusive objects.


Made with a burly casing designed to withstand the roughest urban conditions, while the no-nonsense, slick design provides the bite you need in the concrete jungle. It’s no wonder why this tire has a cult following among couriers, those not wanting to deal with flats and value-concious consumers. 1. Twice as thick casing. 2. Extra thick sidewall rubber. 3. Three times as thick nylon cord. 

3X Technology


Tubeless Compatible System: Standards-driven system designed around tubeless bead shapes and hooks to create repeated sealant-based consistency between tire and rim.

TCS Technology


WTB recommends that tire pressure be checked before each ride. Check the sidewall of your tire for the recommended pressure range on the product you are using, or contact WTB for inflation recommendations. Tire pressure outside of the recommended guidelines can result in a loss of control, tire damage or, at the very least, poor performance.




Found on all WTB saddles, the Love Channel has one very important task: protecting your body from unwanted pressure. The central depression provides soft-tissue relief without sacrificing the structural integrity of the saddle.


Featured exclusively on high-end WTB saddles, these small windows are cut away from the base of the saddle to provide additional relief from pressure on sensitive areas. Comfort Zone is a subtle difference that provides impressive long-term comfort.


Found on all of our high-end saddles, this dense padding dramatically reduces the weight of the saddle. DNA padding also tends to hold its shape better over long rides and the lifetime of the saddle, which is important for long-term comfort.


Single density foam found on our Comp and Race level saddles. This foam is soft to the touch and is a great option for anyone experiencing sore contact points on their saddle.


WTB’s shock-absorbing, dual-compound saddle base. Soft-Shell saddles minimize trail vibration while providing a rigid platform for efficient pedaling.


The Flex-Tuned shell boasts an exceptional mix of comfortable flex and firm efficiency. Not as supple as the Soft-Shell and not as stiff as the Carbon Composite, Flex-Tuned saddles provide the happy medium that is ideal for most enthusiasts.


The WTB Composite shell consists of nylon or carbon fiber composite. It provides a firm and supportive feel for unparalleled performance and efficiency. This base is found on our top-level Silverado, SL8, Hightail, and Deva saddles.


These durable patches of material protect the corners and sides of the saddle from rips and tears.



The tubeless compatible TCS rim profile is especially designed for TCS or UST tires and is also compatible with tube type tires when used with tubes.


The I-Beam adds strength to the inner rim cavity. This distinctive, centrally located vertical support counteracts spoke loads and provides lateral rigidity.


Our spoke holes are drilled at the precise departure angle to align spoke head and nipple with hub flange, eliminating binding and lateral loading while also dispersing the load more evenly over a greater area. This prolongs the wheel’s lifespan and increases stability.


WT69 Alloy has a 20% higher yield than 6000 series Aluminum alloy and is so strong that it can be extruded into lighter rims that are tougher and stiffer than their heavier competition.


An angled inner rim profile that allows the bead of the tire to move easily and smoothly into place during installation and inflation.


Internationally standardized tire bead and rim sizing. This ensures that the fit and relationship between a rim and a tire are as secure and user-friendly as possible.


By adding a thin rib of aluminum to the outer hips of the rim, we’ve added measurable strength and stiffness to counter torsional and axial loads. This WTB innovation is found exclusively on Frequency and LaserDisc rims.


Each part within the system works with others available in the industry. If you need a new part, chances are it’s already in stock at your local bike shop.

All WTB Rims are Crotchet-Type. When inflation pressures over 72 psi / (5-bar) are used, appropriate rim base protective flap must be fitted. Crotchet-Type Rims can be used with rigid and foldable bead tires. In case of Tubeless application with a Tubeless or TCS Tire, a special air tight tape must be used with WTB Rims, or a special UST Rim must be fitted to the bicycle.




PadLoc technology utilizes a rubberized wedge shape that increases comfort and control. The rubberized wedge integrates perfectly with a PadLoc handlebar to eliminate grip rotation and provide the ultimate level of grip comfort.

PadLoc Overview and Cutting Guide

PadLoc FAQs


Forget the windex, hairspray, or whatever else you used to mount your grips. Our dual aluminum clamp system facilitates easy grip installation while keeping the grip lightweight. Save the hairspray for looking good.


The Dual Compound Trail grip and the WeirWolf Trail grip both benefit from dual compound rubber. The outside layer of the grip is an easy-on-the-hands soft rubber, while the firm Kraton base material resists twisting and slipping.