Matthew Koen

Sponsors: Marin Bikes, SR Suntour, Ryder’s Eyewear, Shimano, Camlebak

How long you have been with WTB: This will be my first year!

Age: 17

Discipline: Enduro and DH

Hometown: Larkspur, CA

Favorite place to ride: Tahoe

Fun fact: I was born in South Africa, lived in England, and then moved here!

How WTB contributes to your success: WTB makes some badass products that allow me to push just that bit harder and send gnarly stuff without fear of losing cornering grip or braking traction. Plus I’ve never ridden better mud tires than the wardens, so el niño’s got nothing on me!

How you got started out competing: My buddy posted some photos of him racing sea otter in 2011, and I thought that that looked rad, so I signed myself up for the DH and XC race in 2012, and have been hooked ever since!

First experience with a bike: Pedalling down the street with training wheels back when I still lived in England.

Who do you look up to: The whole Syndicate team inspires me. They are all so professional yet super kind and pin it. Greg is super composed and precise, ratboy has a sick style, and Peaty is a legend! Makes me want to pin it. Then also local riders like Marco and Kyle and Mark all get me stoked. They are super cool and inclusive and stoked on the next generation. They also keep it full throttle which inspires me to let off the brakes and send.

Other activities(off the bike): Fishing, moto, skating, anything to do with wheels!

Beverage of Choice: Tea

Place you have always wanted to ride: The andes, Pyrenees mountains, or somewhere else in South America or Europe.

Instagram handle: koenmatt