Matt Woods

Sponsors: Norco Bicycles, Full Cycle Ottawa, Giro, Trees Mountain Apparel, IXS, Bicycle Craft Brewery, Prosbin

How long you have been with WTB: This is my first year.

Age: 32

Discipline: Enduro

Hometown: Aylmer, Quebec

Favorite place to ride: Mont Ste. Marie, Quebec and Gatineau Park, Quebec

Fun fact: When I race in Quebec my French-Canadian friends cheer me on as 'MATHIEU BOIS!'.

How WTB contributes to your success? In my opinion, with their High Grip or Fast Rolling rubber compounds, WTB offers some of the best rubber combinations. The Vigilante's that I've been running up front let me trust that the bike will hook up into steep or varied terrain, but at the same time still roll quickly. The Trail Boss' that I've been running out back offer good grip, but are still fast rolling. Also when I want them to slide, they brake away predictably.

How you got started out competing? I grew up in the country and pretty much all I had around me was a provincial park. I would ride the back-country XC ski trails near my home into the park. Eventually I found out that the local ski hill was holding cross country bike races. I signed up and placed well, so I continued to race the series. The next year, a local bike shop offered to help me out with a bike and I was able to afford going to more races. After a few years of XC racing, I moved over to racing Downhill for about a decade. In the end, I was a decent downhill racer, but I was always better on the longer, flatter, more endurance oriented tracks, so when Enduro came along I figured I'd give it a shot. Overall I'm really enjoying it. I get the thrill of downhill but generally with less risk. Also if I blow a turn, I can work my way back and still finish well.

First experience with a bike: I was given my sisters bike to ride up and down our dirt road. It was red, originally pink, but my Dad applied a can of spray paint so I would ride it. It had a banana seat and ape-hanger handlebars (somewhat cliché but true). At first, the bike was just another toy around the house. It would only become a staple in my life as I started venturing into the woods.

Who do you look up to? No one person in particular. I guess if pressed, I'd say that I would like to have the chance to ride with Jared Graves. His ability to cross riding disciplines and still excel is impressive. Mark Weir, would be another person to put on the list. You have to admire anyone with a career as long as his.

Other activities(off the bike): Alpine Skiing, XC skiing, advocating for Mountain Bike trail access in the Gatineau Park with OMBA, Trail development planning with VeloMsM and a little trail building when time permits.

Beverage of Choice: Something Sweet. I know most people will list some sort of alcohol beverage, but I've got a sweet-tooth.

Place you have always wanted to ride: Anywhere I can find long descents. I'd love to visit Squamish. I also hear Hood River has some amazing loops.

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