Marco Osborne

Marco joined Team WTB with tall white tube socks and a heavily borrowed and forgotten bike that Mark Weir had once upon a time abused. Marco hadn’t ever flown in an airplane.

So what happens when you give the quiet fast kid a chance? A fresh Jekyll frame, some breathable bike socks, the ability to piggyback on Jason, Mark, and Ben’s allotted travel stipends? A few leftovers from unused sponsorship product?

A borderline appalling winning streak.

Marco has proven to the world that he’s serious and that he’s unapologetically fast. But the most boggling part of his rise to glory has been the manner with which he has done so. Calm, poised, calculated yet quietly modest, silent and unsuspected. His hunger for speed is without boastful roar. The third Novatan to grace Team WTB, Marco embodies the hardworking talent the Northern Marin town has become known for along with the attentive conviction of a seasoned professional beyond his years.

Team WTB is proud to call Marco Osborne one of their own and a member of the closely-knit family. Here’s to witnessing Marco’s growth!

Sponsors: WTB, Cannondale, Shimano, SmithOptics, Alpine Stars, 7idp, Camelbak.

How long you have been with WTB: I have been sponsored by WTB for about 4 years.

Age: 24

Discipline: Enduro, Downhill, XC- ha

Hometown: Novato, CA

Favorite place to ride: Favorite place to ride would be anywhere in the Lake Tahoe area.

Fun fact: Before I started racing mountain bikes I was living life as a ski bum, snowboarding, going to community college and working as a lift operator at Sierra-at-Tahoe and Squaw Valley.

How WTB contributes to your success? WTB contributes to my success by providing amazing product to race on and making me feel like I am a part of a family. Basically if it wasn't for WTB I wouldn't have any success. Mark Weir and the WTB crew gave me an opportunity in 2013 to race for them on the grass roots level and try to make a name for myself. I used one of Weirs bikes and used all of his spare tires and parts. I feel even more a part of the WTB family now, after racing on my own bikes for the 2014 season and proving how badass the new line of WTB tires are. WTB has been there since day one of my professional racing career and i'm more than thankful to be given this opportunity.

How you got started out competing? I started out competing in 2012. After living in Tahoe I started riding with my buddy Thomas Ravina. He gave me a frame and whatever I needed to get started. That year I started racing the CCCX Super D series as an expert and started placing very well. I got a couple good results and then won the Cat 1 Sea Otter Downhill. It was a great first year of racing, and I wanted more.

First experience with a bike: The first experience with a bike that I can remember was on a BMX bike jumping off skate ramps in the front yard.

Who do you look up to? The guys I look up to the most would be my own teammates Jerome Clements and Mark Weir. Mark and Jerome have been in the sport for so many years and have so much experience under their belt. I love their passion for the sport and the way they carry themselves as professionals.

Other activities(off the bike): Other Activities I like to do off the bike would be dirt biking, fishing, snowboarding, RC crawling, welding and camping with friends.

Beverage of Choice: Sierra Nevada Torpedo

Place you have always wanted to ride: The place I want to ride would have to be the French alps, all the stories Ben and Mark tell me about the nasty high alpine races really pump me up.

Instagram: @marcosborne92


Twitter; @marco_osborne92