Liam Howard

Age: 15 years old, born on May 26, 2000

Discipline: XC/All Mountain riding

Hometown: Mill Valley, CA

Favorite place to ride: Marin, typically the Backside, and unknown parts, mainly because much of the time I am unable to travel.

Fun fact: I have a BMI of 19.2 and eat >5000 calories a day.

How WTB contributes to your success? WTB will contribute to my success through number one, supplying my bikes with the primary, and most reliable source of components in which WTB has offered. I am very familiar with the employees at the Mill Valley hq, and am good friends with an employee, and after hearing about what WTB has really done for people it's in my honor to be supported by this company. Both with the physical and mental support I put my mindset in I know this will bring me success on my bike, and off my bike.

How you got started out competing? It quickly clicked into my mind that I wanted to start competing when I was very young. My first riding competition was the Junior race at the San Rafael Twilight crit on my 26'' hardrock and pushed myself to the limit on the bike for the first time, gunning it right off the line, this race was one of the races where everyone got a medal, but I felt accomplished to finish first and kick off racing, small, local competition followed, and then leading into my freshman year, where things virtually took off for me.

First experience with a bike: As early as I remember, I was still on training wheels. I was at old mill school, in mill valley, where my cousin Alex had been popping wheelies, and bunny hopping literally my height. Of course, I tried it. I lifted up my front wheel. I left that day with a hit head and bloody elbows.

Who do you look up to? My cousin alex, father, mother, sister, cousin steph, friends: travis allen, clayton puckett, john waldron...these particular guys i have been going to school with since i was in kindergarden, but friendships formed through cycling. others include some guys i work with, Quoc, Den (who started me off as my first coach, and helped me out with a bike), john marlowe.

Others include spence, felix, grandparents.

Other activities(off the bike): all mountain skier and former freeskier snow skiing, slalom skiing (skiing one ski, behind a boat, on a course), hiking with friends, doing math, reading, sleeping, driving cars, sunset gazing, sunrise gazing, environment around cars and boats.

Beverage of Choice: milk, water

Place you have always wanted to ride: colorado, moab, whistler, iceland, Hawaii, china peaks, oregon (multiple places), washington, andorra, germany, uk.

Instagram handle: LIAMWARRENHOWARD

Facebook page link: