Leland O'Connor

Sponsors: Fast Line Racing, E13

How long you have been with WTB: First year!

Age: 27

Discipline: Enduro, DH

Hometown: Ithaca NY

Favorite place to ride: Plattekill Mountain

Fun fact: Fishing is fun

How WTB contributes to your success? Great tires and saddles!  Weirwolfs are the best tires I've ever ridden.  

How you got started out competing? Thanks to my Dad, signed me up for a mountain bike race when I was 12.

First experience with a bike: I remember doing black diamond trails up in Mammoth Mountain on a full rigid bike, those were the days.

Who do you look up to? Sam Hill, he makes it look way too easy.

Other activities(off the bike): Running, hanging out with good people, dirt biking, any random outdoor adventures like ice climbing.

Beverage of Choice: Newcastle

Place you have always wanted to ride: Whistler

Instagram handle: Leland.B.Oconnor

Facebook page link: leland.b.oconnor