Jeff Kendall-Weed

Sponsors: WTB, Ibis Cycles, Kitsbow, Kali Protectives, SRAM, Retro Cellars, Smith Optics

How long you have been with WTB: Riding WTB tires since 1998!  

Age: 30

Discipline: enduro 

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Favorite place to ride: Anywhere technical and steep, or with really big jumps! 

Fun fact: I spent a year studying abroad in Spain.  

How WTB contributes to your success?  WTB’s products have allowed me to ride comfortably for years, and WTB’s team has inspired me to always try my best at races and while training!

How you got started out competing?  I wanted a dirt bike but my parents said no and got me a BMX bike instead.  A few months later, we made it down to the local BMX track.

First experience with a bike: Our good family friends, Steve and Amy, bought me a 20 beach cruiser.  It was a girls bike, but I didnt care, and rode it as much as I could!  Ill never forget trying to  monster truck that over a few logs in the driveway and getting sent OTB  I was probably 5.  

Who do you look up to? A handful of folks who have been able to live their dream by working in the bike industry and also riding their bikes every day.  Live what you love!

Other activities(off the bike): I ride my motorcycle quite a bit, love to trail run, enjoy yoga, love to travel, and most of all, spend quality time with my beautiful wife!  

Beverage of Choice: Early Grey tea with a little bit of cream.  

Place you have always wanted to ride: Finale Ligure, Italy, and Pisgah Forest in Brevard, NC.    

Instagram handle: @jeffkendallweed

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Twitter handle: @jeffkendallweed