Jay Petervary

Sponsors: Salsa Cycles, 45NRTH, Osprey Packs, Smith Optics, WTB, Crank Brothers, GU Energy, Princeton Tec, Slime/Genuine Innovations, Kates Real Food

How long you have been with WTB: Since ’08, 7 years

Age: 42

Discipline: Ultra Long Distance (Bike Packing) - winter (snow) and summer

Hometown: Victor, ID

Favorite place to ride: As a man of variety , I hate picking 'favorites'. My favorite place to ride is a different place. 

Fun fact: I grew up in New Jersey and hung drywall for a living for entirely too long before I have turned to make a living in 'bike' just a couple years ago. Who would have thunk!?

How WTB contributes to your success? By keeping my ass comfortable!

How you got started out competing? I started riding MTB out of college but at the same time was discovering other outdoor sports /lifestyle. So, me, my lady and a group of friends immediately started doing multi-sport, multi-day competitions - Adventure Racing.  From there racing has been a lifestyle for me but leaving behind the teammates for solo racing and the other other disciplines for bicycles...20 years later still going strong.

First experience with a bike: I was into BMX bikes as a kid. It was how I delivered my papers and went to my friends' houses. I remember pestering the local bike shop for the things I could not afford and I would strip my bikes down to the frame and re-paint them for a new look.

Who do you look up to? Nobody in particular. But I look up to everyone that builds a living out of passion and I am envious of the ones that make a lucrative living and / or retire early but continue to give back.

Other activities(off the bike): Skiing and chilling with my lady and dogs. I also enjoy working at the house and building things with my hands. I am always tinkering...

Beverage of Choice: Pale Ale and a good short Americano

Place you have always wanted to ride: Different places around Europe. I had one trip to Italy so far and I fit right in with their culture. 

Instagram handle: jay_petervary

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