Ed Oxley

Sponsors: WTB, Hotlines

How long you have been with WTB: I’ve been running Vigilante and Trail Boss tyres for the past year.

Age: 46

Discipline: Mountain biking. I run Great Rock, a bike guiding and skills company.

Hometown: Hebden Bridge in the Yorkshire Alps, England.

Favorite place to ride: Basque Country, N.W. Spain.

Fun fact: I can play the didgeridoo. Useful eh?

How WTB contributes to your success? I haven’t had a puncture for a year since using the Tough versions of the Vigilante up front and a Trail Boss on the back. I do a lot of miles all year round on wet, dry, rocky and loose trails. Summer and winter I’ve kept the same set up with no fuss and no compromise. Fit and forget reliability is how I like it and people don’t want to pay to watch me mess about with rubbish kit on my bike.

How you got started out competing? It’s more about the adventure with me than the racing.

First experience with a bike: Back in the ‘70s on a Raleigh Tomahawk. It was a singlespeed and everything.

Who do you look up to? Most people because I’m short.

Other activities(off the bike): Motorcycle fiddler.

Beverage of Choice: A nice cup of tea.

Place you have always wanted to ride: I’m sick of seeing photos of New Zealand because I’d really like to ride there.

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