Colby Pastore

Team: Santa Cruz X-Fusion

Sponsors: Santa Cruz Bicycles, X-Fusion Shox, Giro Sport Design, Easton Cycling, WTB, E*13, Xpedo, SRAM, Julia Violich, Formula Brakes, Supacaz, Capo Sportswear, Gu Energy Labs, Bike Monkey, Curtis Brand Design

How long you have been with WTB: This will be our 4th season

Age: 22

Discipline: XC/Enduro

Hometown: Upper Montclair New Jersey

Favorite place to ride: Santa Cruz CA

Fun fact: Katy Perry is awesome.

How WTB contributes to your success? WTB has been a huge part of keeping me upright when riding and racing. Its been really nice to be able to pick from a huge range of tire types and sizes for different applications. Not having to stress about how my tires are going to preform or hold up is a huge plus. 

How you got started out competing? All of my friends were joining the high school mountain bike team and I really didn't want to be bored on the weekends without them, so I joined and never looked back!

First experience with a bike: Oh man was I bad, I was probably 5'2" 95lbs and I thought I was pretty hardcore bombing mellow fire roads with a $300 hardtail and a full face helmet. Those were the days...

Who do you look up to? Vanessa and Yuri Hauswald, they got me into cycling and have been a huge part of who I am today. Mark, Jason, Ben, and Marco are also people I look up to, they are all extremely talented and awesome people. 

Other activities(off the bike): Pretty much just snowboarding, a little bit of moto, and traveling with my friends. 

Beverage of Choice: Tang!

Place you have always wanted to ride: Whistler 

Instagram handle: @colbypastore

Website link: