Christopher Hutchens

Sponsors: Giant UK;; Juice Lubes, Oneup Components; RGU Sport; WTB

How long you have been with WTB: I’m new on board for 2015 but raced on WTB tires throughout 2014. Really excited to be part of the family.

Age: 25

Discipline: Enduro

Hometown: Oban, Scotland

Favorite place to ride: Lochnagar, Scotland

Fun fact: As an Engineer working for Subsea 7 I’m lucky enough to work for a company who has designed and created the longest movable structure in the world. We use a bundle, which is a collection of pipes housed inside a carrier, up to 1200mm in diameter, to transport oil and gas from wells to production platforms. The longest to date is 7.7 km long.

How WTB contributes to your success? The support WTB are providing me in 2015 will allow me to compete at many more events during my season. Being a self funded rider makes racing at the level I do difficult and with WTB behind me this is one aspect that will help keep by bike going all year round.

How you got started out competing? I started racing downhill at the age of 10 in 2000. Back then it was all about a hardtail, hanging on as you chucked yourself down a hillside with brakes which hardly worked and suspension which again, rarely moved.  That started things off for me and I’ve been racing ever since competing at a World Cup level in downhill for 5 years and now moving my focus to Enduro racing.

First experience with a bike: I remember getting a Raleigh max for Christmas a few months after watching a Scottish downhill series race at my local venue. I was pretty inspired by it and decided, with encouragement from an older friend, to tackle some of the tracks. This definitely gave me a flavor for tight and steep tracks and quickly became the training and riding grounds for myself and many other local riders who went onto racing World Cup downhill.

Who do you look up to? In mountain biking it has always been Steve Peat.  To this day I still admire how he has continued to be one of the most competitive riders on the circuit. The Athertons are also incredible; they’ve been very clever with the team over the years and appear to have the perfect set up - House in the hills with everything on their doorstep.

Out of the biking world I’ve got a lot of admiration for David Beckham, I’m not a football fan however I think as an individual Beckham has been great for the UK and UK sport while being an important role model and ambassador.

Other activities(off the bike): I’ve got the bug for skiing over the last few years so if there’s snow and I’m not on the bike I’ll be hoping the conditions are right. Scotland has five resorts, just not always snow. I’m also lucky to have travelled to a few amazing places over the last few years and seeing the world, different cultures and languages is really important to me. On a day-to-day basis I love cooking, it’s a great time to relax.  

Beverage of Choice: I must be growing up, as having a glass of wine with dinner would have to be my beverage of choice. I’m a fan of South African wines in particular after spending some time there in 2013.

Place you have always wanted to ride: West Coast Canada has always been up there. I’m excited that I’ll be heading to the Enduro World Series events in August and having OneUp Components show me the area.

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