Chris Seymour

Sponsors: Santa Cruz Bicycles, el salchichero

How long you have been with WTB: 0

Age: 26

Discipline: CX, XC, enduro

Hometown: Felton, Ca

Favorite place to ride: Downieville, Ca  

Fun fact: Been named biggest cat B CX sandbagger in the SF Bay area

How WTB contributes to your success? Great tires and advise when to use them, no flatting during the Downieville Classic even with some poor line choices, along with the best tire choice for the Sierra Lost and Found gravel race, and can't for get the saddles that remain conformableafter 8 hours

How you got started out competing? collegiate mountain bike partying... i mean racing

First experience with a bike: Crashing going down a hill near my house when i was about 2, on a little blue schwinn chameleon

Who do you look up to? Always looked up to my great-granddad, but cycling related it would have to be the the Syndicate guys and a lot of the local Santa Cruz cyclocross legends that have been around for along time like Justin Robinson, the  Jacques-Maynes, Willie Bullion

Other activities(off the bike): relaxing playing card or boardgames, and shooting tin cans with WWII rifles.

Beverage of Choice: Hamm's or smoothies

Place you have always wanted to ride: belgium for some muddy CX, and New Zealand for mountain biking, wither around Queenstown, or Rotorua

Instagram handle: @seycrash
Website link: