Brianne Spiersch

Sponsors: Marin, Rabobank, WTB, E*13, KMC, Smith Optics, G-Form, Grifall Family Chiropractic, Glace Cryotherapy

How long you have been with WTB: Technically this is the first year, but in my head I've been on the team for years as WTB is the only tire I ever rock!

Age: 31

Discipline: Enduro, XC

Hometown: Salinas, CA

Favorite place to ride: Locally I love Toro Park, but on my list of favorites is St. George Utah

Fun fact: I was named after a character in my mom's favorite romance novel. 

How WTB contributes to your success? WTB's incredible products help me in being confident that I know my stuff will work. I know I can always trust my tires!

How you got started out competing? I grew up riding motorcycles so when I transitioned to bicycles, I saw that my skills transferred over and I thought hey I'm good at this, I should race! I started out as a beginner and worked my way up to pro!

First experience with a bike: I've been on bikes since I was young, but for my very first mountain bike my parents made me save up for half, it was so rewarding for me the day I got the bike! I had that bike for years!

Who do you look up to? First and foremost, Brian Butler (the love of my life)! He is so dedicated and works so hard to get better on the bike, without him making me do repeats on obstacles, I wouldn't be where I am at today. I also look up to Catharine Pendral, not only is she an absolute badass, but she is one of the kindest women out there! 

Other activities(off the bike): I love Yoga, and I love to craft! Both help keep me grounded and balanced.

Beverage of Choice: I am addicted to sparkling water! Berry flavor is my favorite!

Place you have always wanted to ride: Switzerland, basically anywhere I haven't ridden. I like to explore! 

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