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Brian Lopes

Sponsors:  Ellsworth, Pearl Izumi, X-Fusion, Factor, Renthal, ODI, KS, HT, G-Form, Lazer, Oakley, GoPro, KMC, Wheycoco, Chris King, Bike Co., and of course WTB.

How long you have been with WTB?  This is my ninth year.

Age: 44

Discipline:  I do them all.

Hometown:  Laguna Beach, CA.

Favorite place to ride:  Anywhere in B.C., Canada.

Fun fact:  The more air you are catching, the more fun you are having.

How does WTB contribute to your success?  You spend a lot of time sitting on your seat and having a place to plant my butt that comforts me for all those hours. I’d call that a success.

How you started out competing?  My dad took me to the BMX track in 1975 for my first race and that’s where it all began.

First experience with a bike:  Well I’m sure I rode around the streets before that first trip to the BMX track, but when I was 4 years young the biking started.

Who do you look up to?  I look up to a lot of people.  I try to surround myself with good people and most of them all have some qualities that I admire.  

Other activities(off the bike):  Moto.

Beverage of choice:  Lemonade. 

Place you have always wanted to ride:  Bolivia… my wife is from there and the mountains are huge.  There have been many riders who have done shoots there and it looks like a cool place to adventure.


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