Anne Galyean

Sponsors: Marin/SR Suntour, Shimano, Deity, Troy Lee Designs, WTB, Allsport Dynamics, Fuel Clothing, Wicked Wash, Dynaplug

How long you have been with WTB: 2016 will be my first season

Age: 29

Discipline: enduro

Hometown: Golden, CO

Favorite place to ride: the PNW

Fun fact: I have a PhD in Aquatic Analytical Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

How WTB contributes to your success? WTB are some of the best tires and components on the market. Being able to fully trust my tires, in any condition, is essential for performing well on the bike.

How you got started out competing? I picked up a downhill bike in 2009 after deciding I wanted to race. I had no clue what I was doing, and I didn't know any other MTB'ers, but I showed up to the Snowshoe (WV) downhill race series that year and never looked back.

First experience with a bike: Riding 6 mi to the country store to buy chocolate milk with my Dad while growing up in Idaho.

Who do you look up to? Tracy Moseley - for someone at the top of her game and career, she is always quick to offer advice, support, and encouragement.

Other activities(off the bike): Science! I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Colorado School of Mines developing nanobiosensors for biomedical applications. Reading, backcountry adventures, hiking, and watching Star Wars usually takes up the rest of my time. Occasionally, I sleep.

Beverage of Choice: Earl Grey tea

Place you have always wanted to ride: Verbier

Instagram handle: @annegalyean
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