Amy Morrison

How long you have been with WTB: 2nd year

Age: 26

Discipline: Enduro

Hometown: Fenton, MI (now Auburn, CA)

Favorite place to ride: Tahoe

Fun fact: I was a national champion barefoot water-skiier growing up.

How WTB contributes to your success? The tire line in particular is amazing. WTB tires are ones I can trust in the roughest conditions to hold up, but also have performance going downhill in all types of ground conditions. After the support in 2015, I am stoked to be getting continued support and be apart of such a great family and brand.

How you got started out competing? 3 years ago I bought my first mountain bike and tried a few Xterras triathlons. Fell in love with the mountain biking and that led to just trying to go downhill faster.
First experience with a bike: I'm sure as a kid, but in college I rode my pink huffy to class a lot.

Who do you look up to? I can't say one person in particular. I love riding with a variety of people-ones that push me uphill, downhill, to have fun, and those who have crazy busy schedules yet still find time to ride. I am sure as I race in the bigger events this year I will get to know more racers and find some amazing riders that I will look up to.

Other activities(off the bike): Water-ski, snow-ski, rock climb, trail run, open water swims and volleyball.

Beverage of Choice: Coffee

Place you have always wanted to ride: New Zealand

Instagram handle: insamymo
Facebook page link: