WTB Crosswolf 700c x 32 TCS Tubeless Tire
WTB Crosswolf 700c x 32 TCS Tubeless Tire


The Crosswolf tackles the race course and singletrack with speed and an aggressive bite.  It boasts impressive traction and stability for its minimal weight and size.


  • Tall, toothy knobs deliver massive amounts of cornering traction. 
  • Ample spacing between knobs allows for mud evacuation.
  • 32mm width.
  • Ideal for use in damp to wet weather.
  • Provides optimal traction through sand or mud.

WTB Tire Technology


USAGE:  Cyclocross
CONDITIONS:  Loose / Wet

Wheel Size Level Weight Compound
700c TCS Light/Fast Rolling 392g Dual

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