The Judge is our rowdiest rear tire…for loose, sketchy descents. Centerline knob groups alternate between long and wide to pair hard braking traction with the rolling efficiency you demand of a rear tire. Burly outer knobs provide the support needed to keep them digging while slapping berms or spraying loam. We optimized the Judge for wide rims to provide a flatter tire profile that makes the outer knobs easy to find while cornering. The Judge keeps everything in order, whether dry and loose or wet and sloppy.


  • Massive side knobs and a beefy overall design that grabs in every direction. 
  • Designing tires around wide rims provides additional support while also bolstering sidewall protection through ample tread overhang.
  • Available in 27.5 and 29. 
  • Pairs perfectly with the Vigilante 2.5 and 2.6 on the front. 

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: - The Loam Wolf - MTBR - NSMB - Singletracks - Dirt Rag - Enduro MTB - Bike Mag - Pinkbike



USAGE: Enduro / Gravity 
CONDITIONS: Dry / Wet / Loose / Rocky / Mud 

Wheel Size Level Weight Compound
27.5" TCS Tough/High Grip TBD TriTec
TCS Tough/Fast Rolling
1305g TriTec
29" TCS Tough/High Grip TBD TriTec
29" TCS Tough/Fast Rolling TBD TriTec

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