Summer is here. Days are long. Lifts are spinning...


It's bike park season! Is your downhill bike ready? Here are a few WTB products to clock your fastest laps without breaking the bank to achieve them. 

Our meaty Convict 2.5 TCS tubeless tire provides tubeless reliability both front and rear. Designed specifically for gravity usage, its large blocks chomp through the chunky terrain found at bike parks. 

Looking for something a little less blocky as a rear tire? TCS Tough versions of the Vigilante 2.3 tire provide ample sidewall support and a toothy bite that hooks up even once the trails haven't seen rain in months. 

The rear cut-out of our High Tail saddle allows you to drop it low without buzzing your tire under compression and its short nose wont snag your clothing when you're whipped-out sideways.

Frequency Team i29 rims were designed to withstand an onslaught of beatings, day after day. They've been smashed down the world's nastiest downhill tracks for years and have proven themselves as the most dependable rim on the market.