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WTB Grip Shift PadLoc Grip 30mm Black/Green
WTB Grip Shift PadLoc Grip 30mm Black/Grey
WTB Grip Shift PadLoc Grip 30mm Black/Red kids bike

Grip Shift PadLoc - 30mm

Jerome Clementz' grip of choice. Prominent lettering lets people know you’re in charge while Contact Rubber and the PadLoc Relief eliminate movement and provide an invitingly tactile feel. Ride hard and shift happy. Also great for kids bikes! 

Available in Green and Gray. 

Compatible with PadLoc-ready bars only.

Total length is 87.25mm

PadLoc Tech explained. 

PadLoc FAQs


Padloc Product Overview with Mark Weir from WTB on Youtube.

How To Cut a Handlebar for Installation of Padloc Grips