WTB Ci31 carbon rim

Ci31 - Carbon Rim

Carbon rim perfection, now in the sizes you really want. All the lateral stiffness and reduced rotational weight of carbon without any ping-y frustrations. Built to withstand an onslaught of relentless beatings from our athletes, ensuring they'll hold it together for the rest of us. 31mm inner rim width provides tubeless trail and enduro tires with a grip of supple traction, as well as additional sidewall stability. Wide carbon rims result in an increased tire footprint at a minimal weight, which results in you shredding harder. That’s the goal, more shreddage.

REVIEWS: Singletrack World - Mountain Bike Action Magazine


 USAGE: Trail / Enduro

 Wheel Size Inner Rim Width ERD Weight Rim Size Designation Spoke Hole Count
27.5" 31mm 543 455g 584x31c 32
29" 31mm 580 490g 622x31c 32

*We recommend using our 46mm TCS Valve and 34mm TCS Rim Tape with the Ci31 rim.

*Max spoke tension range: 105-115 KgF*

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