Steelhead Bikefishing with Spoke'n'Fly

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Words by Brian Ohlen aka @spoke_n_fly

My grand bikefishing sufferfest tour of the west coast is long gone, but the excitement around the journey is still rolling. In February of 2017, Blackburn sent out an convoy of talented folks to document my search for steelhead. We met up in an undisclosed location in Northern California to do a little biking, fishing and filming. Water Cycle: River - Bikefishing for Steelhead, is the first of a four-part series put out by Blackburn that explores four riders’ relationships with water. I’m beyond excited to be a part of this awesome project, and stoked to share my segment with you.

Being the subject of a film was a whole new experience for me. I admit it was a little strange being the center of attention, with multiple cameras pointed in my direction at all times. Despite my nerves, Dominic Gill and Brian Vernor did an amazing job shooting, editing and directing. We ran into more lousy weather, but the sun graced our presence for a day, and we even found a clear river to fish. I’d say it was a success.

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