"The Volcanic Park"

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Pucon, situated in Chile, is one of the most popular holiday destination for Chilean. Above a huge lake, the volcano Villarica is overhanging a majestic forest. The locals start building some trails and invited Jérôme to ride them. Never against new experience, we made the trip down to spend some good time on perfectly shaped terrain with so many natural features and a beautiful background. What an atmosphere ! Riding on the sandy volcanic ground is an experience that Jérôme has again translated in style on his new action video: Discover the "Volcanic Park" video - Filmed and edited by Radfocus and Quatro Vistas

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Pucon is as busy as a city center during summer times with lots of shops openned until midnight that matches with Chilean way of living.. The local community are pushing to create trails! They've already built a nice pump track for kids near the Villarica lake! MTB is growing everywhere, expect to see more talented Chilean riders in the future! Thanks a lot to Antonio Leiva for the guiding, Refugio 555 for the trail building and Memos Portales family’s for the warm welcome!

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