Rider View: Scott Countryman at TDS

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Words: Scott Countryman   @scott.countryman.14

Photos: Jason Watkins   @jasonmichaelwatkins

Hey! I’m Scott Countryman and have been officially racing on WTB tires for two years. Even before that, I chose to run WTB tires.

There is a lot to like in the WTB tire selection has to offer for an enduro racer. The TCS Tough casing offers incredible strength at a very reasonable weight. I can’t think of a time a puncture took me out of a race since I started running WTB tires with TCS Tough casings. Not to say it hasn’t happened and can’t happen but you get the point. The tires are super tough and, usually, the least of my concerns. The tread patterns and compounds are awesome too; they have a great selection of tread types to suit all conditions. From fast hardpack to blown-out, dry powder to sloppy mud and grease, you can pick your tread and pick your compound precisely for the conditions.

For the TDS Enduro I picked the Trail Boss tire with TCS Tough casing and Fast Rolling compound for the rear tire and the TCS Tough casing the Vigilante tire with High Grip compound for the front tire.

The morning of practice was a little wet and slick, but by the afternoon the trails were drying out and the tires were gripping and ripping. The Trail Boss provides an excellent combo of a fast rolling center tread and some hearty side knobs; the speed-to-grip ratio is pretty stellar.

And the Vigilante in the front has well spaced knobs for digging though soft or loose soil but still rolls pretty quick. The combo of the two is ideal for fast conditions with mild to moderate traction.

If it were to have been wet and slick all weekend (or super dry and blown out) I would have swapped that Vigilante to the rear and put a Convict in the front. You can’t ask for more traction with those two tires on your bike.

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