Peaty, Peaty, Peaty...

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You're giving up already!? Nearly two decades...seems like you're just warming up. We understand though.  

For many of us who were introduced to mountain biking in the 2000s, you gave us dreams of some day owning a Santa Cruz V10. Not because we believed it to be some incredible machine that would lead us to downhill glory. Not because its sleek curves necessarily appealed to us. Not because we preferred the progressive ride of a VPP suspension design compared to that of the competition. We dreamed of owning a Santa Cruz V10 because Steve Peat rode one. As gushy as that is, it's true and always will be true. You've made an impact on our sport that will never be forgotten. You've made riding in the UK look more fun that it may have actually been. You've made sure that riding was always a hell of a lot more than simply being the fastest man down the mountain. It was apparent through every race weekend and everybody took notice. We at WTB have been stoked to be there along the way as you plopped your ass on our saddles for over ten years. Thanks, Peaty.

We've compiled a few photos of you sending it over the years. Really sending it. Sending it in ways that we always wished we could. Always finishing your ride with a beer and hearty laughs, everybody respects you as more than a racer, but a genuine person who's in it for the good times involved. We know this transition won't find you riding your bike less and we're stoked to see where your two-wheeled adventures will lead you next. We appreciate you and all you've done for us over the years. Cheers to many more years ahead. The race is over, but the ride continues. 

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