Throwback Thursdays: 1992 WTB Midnight Oil® and Black or White Ad Campaign

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Ever find yourself wondering how much or how little chain lube should be applied to your chain?  Better yet, how frequently - really, like really really before every ride?  What about only before occasional rides - not rides that happen purely by chance but only every few rides, but really soak it that time, how 'bout that?  Better yet, at night, before a ride the next day so it can sink in, like the mechanics talk about... yeah, like that.  But then, wait, do I towel off the excess now, at night, or wait until the morning, post-soaking in?  How about thick, goopy lube, or thin watery lube - wax based, Teflon, I've even seen lube touting Soy (now passé, must have Gluten in it or something), lube designed for winter, lube designed for summer, lube for foggy environments, lube for the road, lube that says Extreme on it (must be meant for getting super rad.)  No matter what, no lube seems to last, it all wears out, just has curiously different effects for different periods of time clogging up my chains.  Wow, lot of lube talk.

Well, in 1991 looking into the future of 1992, WTB sought to straighten my current misunderstanding out, to set things straight.  How 'bout put lube on chain once, have it stay on FOREVER.  Yes, FOREVER needs to be capitalized.  Midnight Oil® had graphite in it - yep, not Teflon, not Soy, and not anything else being currently called the save all.  The colloidal graphite - yes, colloidal, super geek for incredibly slippery, stayed on chains.  Actually, it stayed on everything. This was hinted at by stating that "Midnight Oil will become legendary for its staying power," in the 1992 Product Review Guide, released in October of 1991.  As Fred Falk wisely summed it up, "It left a mean rookie mark on the tall white socks that were worn while riding back then."  Others found the rookie mark on items of clothing, or better yet, their bodies and sure enough, it stayed.  Stayed like staying power.  Others might refer to this as staining power.  Regardless, if you put Midnight Oil® on your chain, guess what, it was there to stay.  Then your chain was black, forever.  Some may work about toxicity with something so potent.  Worry not, according to the guide at the bottom, no toxic volatiles were used, only feelings and clothing harmed.  So next time your head-scratching over the chain lube application to wear long division equation, find and grab some 1992 Midnight Oil, your chain will forever be colloidally lubricated

 Black or White Ad Campaign from pre 1994 - see the address, WTB was located at 134 Redwood in Corte Madera, CA before moving to the current Mill Valley, CA location in 1994.

As threatened, the 1992 Product Review touting benefits, colloidal properties, and non-toxic ingredients.
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