The PowerBeam rim was light and tough. Yes, many tout this and few to none live up to the claims of solving all the world’s problems. However, the PowerBeam really was something special. For one thing, it was the first rim to feature the I-Beam, the vertical support that you can clearly see in the picture. Prior to this rim, the central cavity of rims was just that, a cavity with no support, nothing to brace against impact nor dissipate the loads of force mountain bikes and riders cast upon rims, sad previous days for the rim world. But then along came the PowerBeam and solved all problems, as one can thoroughly read about in the very descriptive wording pictured below praising its merits. Light, tough, and plenty of room for devious, wandering brake pads, the PowerBeam really had it going on and it was a thing of beauty. Even for today’s standards in the height of carbon snobbery, the PowerBeam was scant at a mere 398g. So, if you’re lucky enough to have our Frequency rims, then you’re quite lucky, and you also have the PowerBeam to thank for making the I-Beam happen, which is what keeps our rims spinning and spinning for many rotations to come.

Enjoy the following pictures, ad, catalog, and informational guide.

From our 1995 Catalog, introducing the PowerBeam rim.

An ad boasting the benefits of WTB's rims, particularly the ample sidewall braking surface.  Of interesting note: the I-Beam hadn't yet been named, it's still referred to as a center strut reinforcement.

The cover that this next verbose introduction comes from - sorry, can't get enough of this Technical Information cover.

Now you, too, are a PowerBeam expert. 

Throwback Thursdays: 1995 WTB PowerBeam Rim

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Throwback Thursdays: 1995 WTB PowerBeam Rim

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