Throwback Thursdays: 1995 WTB SST Saddle

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The above picture appeared as an ad in Mountain Biking magazine in 1995.

The SST saddle lives on today in WTB’s line because it’s a mighty comfy saddle. It also was the first saddle made by WTB under its own name. WTB had designed the ProLong saddle for Specialized in the late 80’s but the SST was the first saddle produced solely under WTB’s name. The SST does many things, several of which are mentioned in the 1995 Technical Information guide which is displayed below. What the guide fails to mention though is that this was the first saddle to really bring the benefits of a drop nose to the masses. No longer was one speared by a protruding saddle nose when trying to remount the saddle after riding through a technical section. This hadn’t really happened with saddles before, most still had sharp, snag-hungry noses to them. By 1995, padded baggy mountain bike shorts had gained some popularity as well so the nose aided in not hanging up one’s baggies. Also, for 1995 riders not riding full suspension bikes, which were many if not most, the dropped nose allowed an area for moving forward to help with better climbing position without compromising rear wheel traction when the uphill going got steep. The guide does allude to this. There’s good reason for the SST’s inclusion in today’s lineup – a comfortable, successful saddle is just that, a comfortable and successful saddle so why ruin a good thing?

Enjoy the following pictures and descriptions from the 1995 Catalog and 1995 Technical Information Guide.

The catalog it came from - that's Mt. Tam in the background for those of you that can't immediately recognize it.

The catalog description of it and a picture of our old shipper.  This was back when on each page of our catalog included a picture of someone who worked at WTB.

Ahhhh yes, where the 1995 tech info comes from.

As threatened, the release about the SST in the 1995 Technical Information guide.
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