Cannondale Big Ride #2 in the Books, Tui Taken

17 June, 2013

Jerome Clementz and Ben Cruz did it again!  Another podium in the books for the dynamic Cannondale OverMountain and WTB-sponsored duo with Jerome validating people’s first place predictions and Ben taking third despite food poisoning leading up to race day.

©Brahbrah Sztyk    Jerome Clementz (Team Cannondale OverMountain, WTB Volt Team Saddle, WTB Moto-X Clamp-On grips,) José Borges (Team GT ASC-Bike Zone,) Ben Cruz (Team Cannondale OverMountain, WTB Vigilante 2.3 26” Team Issue TCS front tire, WTB Weirwolf 2.3 26” Team Issue rear tire, WTB Frequency i23 Team TCS 26” rims, WTB Volt Team saddle, WTB Moto-X Clamp-On grips)

Tui is located in the northwest corner of Spain, just above Portugal and Ben and Jerome faced some of their first dry conditions yet in their whirlwind tour of enduro racing this season.  Ben Cruz took a moment to fill us in after practice on Friday:

1) What WTB stuff were you running?

I have frequency I23 rims, Team Issue Vigilante 2.3 on the front, Team Issue Weirwolf 2.3 rear, Volt Team saddle, Moto Clamp-On grips, the exact same set up I ran at Punta Ala.

2) What was the course like, could you quickly describe it

It's rowdy. Great mix of physical pedaling and techy dh. A few of the stages have some serious rock sections that remind me of Dogbone at North Star. Real chunky stuff. The area itself reminds me of the California coast, eucalyptus, oaks, pines and lots of low lying shrubs. The only things missing are the Manzanitas, haha. 

©Brahbrah Sztyk    Jerome Clementz walks the line… of rock that is.

3) What was your favorite part?
So far the food and weather and the way the girls dress! It’s soo nice here! Sun and skirts the way it should be in June. We are literally staying in a friggin’ castle right on the river separating Spain from Portugal! I could literally swim across the border. Really excited for the race to happen though, we have training today then racing tomorrow. Gonna be a fun race with a good set of stages. The race has over 6000 feet of climbing in it so it suits me well, should be a good weekend as long as I keep it together.

4) What are you looking forward to and focusing on for next time?
I’m really looking forward to EWS 2 at Val d’Allos. All the racing and training I’ve been doing are all in preparation to the series. Every race is in preparation for the big show and that’s the focus and goal - to succeed when it really matters.

5) Anything different with this race from others this season?
The weather! Other than Punta Ala, we have been in the rain. This one is looking like sun sun sun!! It’s like I’m finally thawing out from this summer of slop, hope it holds for the race.


©Brahbrah Sztyk    Red dirt and dust are a nice change from the muck Jerome and Ben have faced so far.

Ben and Jerome head next to Val d’Allos, France for the second stop of the Enduro World Series June 29th and 30th.  Stay posted for more updates and exciting news.

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