What better way to describe Bobby McMullen’s latest adventure in New Zealand than the Queenstown News headline, introducing Bobby as “Queenstown’s Blind and Ballsy competitor.” It’s not the first time we’ve heard him so accurately described, but it is the first time we’ve seen it on an international headline!

We’re feeling good that our friend is being so well represented abroad and is so clearly on his way to doing one of the many things Bobby does best—provide jaw-dropping inspiration that makes you kick yourself in the ass for not riding today. The article goes on to describe Bobby as the “gutsy American” who signed on to compete in the Queenstown Six-Hour Super D Enduro thanks to support from sponsors Kali and Lezyne, not to mention his guide, Yuri Hauswald, a former 24-hour endurance race champ and contributing scribbler for Bike Monkey Magazine. It’s no wonder these and others are behind (or in some cases in front of) the blind mountain biker. As Yuri puts it in his blog for Gu Roctane:

“He has plenty of them, excuses that is. He’s survived diabetes, kidney failure, years of dialysis, two kidney/pancreas transplants, open heart surgery, and an aggressive form of cancer that spread to his lymphs. Oh yeah, and he also went blind when he was 29. But, Bobby McMullen, the man I’m heading to Queenstown, NZ with this week to compete in a 6 hour Enduro, doesn’t make excuses.”

That’s freakin ballsy!

Read more about Bobby and Yuri’s New Zealand adventures here:

“Blind and Ballsy” Bobby McMullen

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