Love Enduro Racing? Have no Idea what it is? Read this article...

01 February, 2012

[caption id="attachment_1465" align="alignnone" width="624" caption="Enduro Practice = Fun - photo: Brian Raphael"]Ben Cruz Enduro[/caption]

Thank Goodness for Enduro Racing. just posted this great article featuring WTB's very own Mark Weir and Ben Cruz. Read this excerpt from Mark and definitely check out the full article here.

Enduro is about enjoying yourself, it’s racing the best parts of trails with gas still in the tank to ride the trail at maximum speed in technical situations. Not about relying only on fitness and coasting down the hill. The perfect Enduro is one that leaves you with the feeling of power left over but the trail was so technical it made it hard to lay down that power. If you are too hard on equipment and lack finesse Enduro makes you pay. Either a weight penalty, which in turn is a time penalty. By a running a heavy set-up to make up for straight line mashing you just lost a minute on the climb. Enduro racing is calculation and knowing the way you ride and building the bike to get the most you can from your strengths. You can’t hide your weaknesses but you can disguise.


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