Catching Up with Jérôme Clementz

08 December, 2010

Jérôme Clementz, Cannondale
Jérôme Clementz, riding the Bronson/Wolverine combo to victory in the Enduro du Mercantour, France.

Catching up with Jérôme Clementz is not easy, as most racing against him in the Megavalanche and other enduro-style events will tell you. For those who may not know, Clementz is a top-ranked and incredibly talented, all-mountain rider from France who started riding WTB tires and saddles last summer.

Jérôme is also fast—real fast! He won the 2010 Megavalanche Alpe D’huez and is shown here at the Megavalanche la Reunion. Good news! If you speak French you will look really smart when you translate the video commentary for your friends.


Jérôme Clementz's Cannondale, featuring a Weirwolf TCS 2.3 up front with a Wolverine TCS 2.2 on the back, and Rocket V saddle.

Clementz likes good beer, hanging out with friends after a ride and talking about life. He prefers the outdoors, eating home-cooked organic meals, and venturing to concerts when time permits. Sounds familiar perhaps even standard. However, the unpredictable nature of enduro racing is not your standard format of racing, nor is it for everyone—but it is for this guy. Here’s why plus a few more details about the Cannondale rider, enduro racing, training, and a life committed to riding:

Q. Why do you prefer enduro racing?
A. Enduro racing is multipurpose and every ride is different. We have several kinds of races (Mass Start, Against the Clock, and Super D).

Q. What was the most challenging enduro race for you this year? Why?
A. That was Megavalanche. This race is awesome and unique. First you have to start on a glacier and race with 2,000 riders. You ride on many different kinds of ground (snow, rock, grass, roots, dust, wood,...). You must be fast in the technical parts, strong in the physical to maintain your rhythm during one hour of racing. Then there are so many things that can happen during the race, that when you finish without any problem it's already a victory.

Q. Where do you ride for fun?
A. I like to ride in the French Alps and on my home trails, taking my bike, meeting some friends, going out for a ride and speak about life with a beer in the hand.

Q. What do you do to train for these events?
A. I train all year—cross country skiing, swimming and running during the winter then road, downhill, all mountain and cross country when the weather is better. You must be a good overall rider to be at your top in enduro racing. I don't ride too much. I prefer quality over quantity, with a lot of different exercises.

When asked how he likes WTB so far, Clementz answered, “I have everything that I need to trust in my tyres to ride fast. WTB did a great job to build the ultimate stuff for the enduro.” He added that he enjoys working with those passionate about mountain biking and looks forward to helping to make WTB products even better no matter where you ride.


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