We have had our fair share of pro mountain bikers of all disciplines fighting it out on the pump track. When the riders battle there is rarely bloodshed or hard feelings. Not the case for these bucks. Fighting for the right to pass their seed is a battle of survival. Like pro mountain bikers their sculls are also thick, but instead of helmets these bucks get the added bonus of having some hardened spears on their heads.

I had chance to see these two in full combat. The outcome would determine the rights to use Old Blue (turn two) as his own inspiration point. For lovers only, these two bucks had about seven doe watching and waiting to see who came out on top. As luck would have it, I just happened to be walking around with my POV.1 from V.I.O on my head and captured the whole thing.

Later that day I also watched the passing of the buck: Mr. Romance pinning his doe against Old Blue. I think she may press charges, but who knows? Some like it rough…~Mark Weir

Bucks Gone Wild

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