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It's been an incredibly successful year for WTB's racers. WTB-sponsored riders Sam Hill and Sabrina Jonnier (Team Monster-Iron Horse) have been absolutely killing it on the world cup DH circuit. Both riders clenched the overall world cup series titles as well as the prestigious titles of male and female downhill world champion. The two riders have been nearly unbeatable for two years.

WTB staffer and team rider Mark Weir has been no slouch this year either. Weir just returned from a few weeks of shredding the European Alps. Weir is a truly multi-faceted athlete. He's making major progress getting the school board interested in funding pumptracks, he's getting USA Cycling to actually start listening about course design and he's been winning races left and right. Weir and WTB Team rider Jason Moeschler destroyed the Downieville Classic this year. Between the two of them, they claimed victory in just about every race in the region. XC, DH, Super D, you name it, these guys are out there representing with more pro victories than we can list here.

Check out this video of Weir in his backyard:

Weir on Pump Track

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