6 Reasons To Visit BikePark Wales

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Since opening day in August 2013, BikePark Wales has attracted almost 400,000 visitors from all over the world. Come rain or shine, the hillside is always lively with riders arriving for good times on two wheels. Today, on it's 6th birthday, we want to celebrate our long term partnership by giving you 6 reasons why we love visiting the park!

The men behind the shapes, Billy and Ricky help keep the trails running at their best so you can focus on having fun

1. Variety of all weather trails for all abilities 

So let's start with a key ingredient of any great riding spot - trails and terrain that are super fun and can help you grow as a rider, regardless of your experience or riding ability. This is certainly something that the team at Bikepark Wales do really well. From the easiest green trails through to pro-lines, the trail crew at the park have created flowing features that give you maximum enjoyment whilst giving you the confidence that the trail level you've chosen won't surprise you with anything unexpected. Predictable surfaces and well planned drainage mean that no matter what mother nature is doing when you show up, you're in for a safe and enjoyable day on the bike. 

Plenty of options at the Woodland Cafe...

Great coffee and beer too!

2. Great Food and Drink

One of the great things about mountain bike riding is burning all of those calories whilst having a rad time with your friends. Whether you are pedalling up the hill or jumping on the uplift, you'll need to keep fuelled up and well hydrated to make the most of your day. The Woodland Cafe really is a warm and welcoming place to hang out. It could be the brightest summer's day with the glass doors open, or a cold dark day in December with the log burner roaring. Either way you'll find folks refuelling their bodies whist sharing stories from their day. You can even end your own adventure with a few of the locally brewed signature beers named after the trails you just rode!


BikePark's finest... Jason, Dai and Marc (who shares his birthday with the park too!)

Rainwater fuels the bike wash, and the runoff water is used again, and again, and again....

3. By Riders for Riders - the details

It's the little things that turn a good experience into a great one. On a visit to any bike park with continuous uplift you can be pretty certain that there will be plenty of cool trails to point you bike down coupled with an efficient way to get back up quickly... But what if you've just finished a run and want to adjust your handlebars or bolt check your frame? What if the heavens opened half way through the day and now you have to put your filthy bikes back in your nice, clean, family car? The team that add the finishing touches to the park are a bunch of guys and girls who are passionate, well traveled, and very experienced. Years of riding mountain bikes all over the world has resulted in a good understanding of what makes makes your day easier and more enjoyable. From tool boards dotted around the park, to a powerful and eco-friendly bike wash, you should find what you need to keep you going and leaving with a smile. Unfortunately it's not always plain sailing though, and if that frustrating situation arises where you've snapped our chain or worn out your brake pads, there's a great shop on site to get you back on the hill....

Plenty of RAD custom memorabilia available in the shop

4. Well stocked bike shop

The bike shop has been looking after the visitors of Bikepark Wales since day one. Whether that's preparing rental bikes for folks wanting to try something new, or fixing up your own pride and joy to get you back in the game, you'll certainly be glad its there. With a range of spares parts for just about anything you decide to bring, the mechanics in the workshop have seen it all and will try their best to help you out. It's not just spare parts they stock though. There plenty of cool bike gadgets and fresh new riding kit to satisfy your needs. Maybe you've forgotten your gloves, or just fancy a new pair of shorts? You'll probably find just the thing!

Knowledgeable staff on hand to help you out

5. Uplift all day-every day

Running from 10am through 4pm, you'll have plenty of time to ride until your arms can't take any more! 15 seater minibuses and triple-strapped bike trailers ensure you and your bike arrive safely at the top each time, and there will always be staff on hand to help you load your bike if you are a little unsure. Book online for a full day, or pay-as-you-go, the choice is yours. 

Coaches Griff and Justin prepping the kids club for a day of shredding

 6. Coaching

On site coaching has become more and more popular since it's launch back in 2014. The layout of the park lends itself to improving as a rider, so when you combine that with qualified and skilled coaches you'll be able to shake your bad habits and hit that new drop with a lot more confidence. There's the kids club, carving corners, women's specific courses, jumps and drops, the list goes on. And here's the best part.... the courses include uplift so that you can save all of your energy for riding back down and practicing techniques!

We wish all the team at Bikepark Wales a happy 6th birthday, and here's to many more years of good times and great riding!

Bikepark Wales Birthday

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