Throwback Thursdays: 2007 Riddler... Ahhhem... Vulpine 2.1

14 May, 2015

The 2007 Riddler, inspired by WTB professional athlete Nathan Riddle, boasted...

Fast rolling micro center tread combined with cornering side knobs:

Was lightweight, a new breed of tire, never before thought of...

Wait a second... this isn't a Riddler, what are we talking here?

Kissing cousins?  My, they look similar:

And that's just it.  For those out there who thought we just looked at what others were doing, Nope.  We uh, yeah, had kind of done this thing before.  So when Nathan Riddle kindly and rightfully requested a tire that hauled yet cornered like a demon, it resonated with us, resonated big time.  Brought us back to 2007 perhaps, a time before semi-slick's re-resurgence.  And guess what, you can go further than that and also find a time when semi-slicks had their own little cycle of popularity too, and... wait for it, another little cycle and time of semi-slicks before that.

So here's to good ideas from the start, we like our good ideas.

The 2007 Vulpine catalog description:

And the 2007 WTB Catalog cover, this one was Chris' and for those that know Chris, the extra S makes total sense.  Happy Throwback Thursday, here's to a new resurgence of good old ideas.

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