Throwback Thursdays: Before Enduro Was Cool

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Once upon a time in a faraway land, the man referred to as the Godfather of All Mountain went racing.  It was real.  Super real.  The time is thought to be 2004ish, the place France, and the man referred to as the Godfather of All Mountain?  That's Weir of course.  A time before enduro, or, enduro before enduro.  Either way, Weir kindly took a moment from his busy schedule in New Zealand quickly fixing rental car flat tires to write some thoughts to accompany the pile of photos above and below.  As you can tell from the words, the man has seen it all.  Enjoy.

From Mark Weir:

Enduro so new how could we know it could be so cool.

This was my second trip to Fred Glo's Enduro race in France. It was as pure as it gets.  Show up on Friday race Saturday/Sunday. It's all on-sight no practice on 6 different tracks with huge drops of elevation.

As this sport has grown I think the purity of the ride has leaked out a bit. No longer can you work all week and show up on race day and feel the playing field is even.  I'm thankful for pictures and the ability to just go for a ride.  As so I don't forget where I came from.

Fred's events are still going in France, if you really want to smell what I'm stepping in... Times I will never forget and never give back.  

Choose your own line, this is something we can all still do.  


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