NAHBS - New Fat Chance & WTB Ci24 Carbon Sneak Peek

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What better way to show something new and drool worthy than when two historic, deeply rooted brands steeped in mountain bike history come together with... something RAD.

Fat Chance is back, full force with all modern luxuries and requests, courtesy of extensive polling of loyal fans, and... lurking beneath that beautiful steel frame oozing class... is...

The first official glimpse of WTB's brand spanking new Ci24 Carbon Rim.

Yes, mounted to those also lovely White Industries hubs is a carbon shark, lurking in sheer beauty.  Auburn Bike Company prepped and assembled these virgins, sworn to secrecy, building with the utmost of care, that extra touch they are famous for.

No, I cannot divulge the details.

Yes, I can tell you where to peep 'em.  Go to NAHBS.  Yes, book a flight.  NOW.  Go to booth #504 and allow your eyes to melt with wonder over beautiful bikes and beautiful rims.

Then... wait for the official Ci24 launch at Taipei Show, March 18th for all additional splendid details.

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